6am Burritos and No Shower

I didn’t come back for a dinner visit blog last night because I had a client until 8:30pm then came home and tried to do some other work.

Then, this morning I woke up for a 7am client. But first – a burrito Smiledid you just throw a burrito at me

I ate the whole thing and did not throw it out my window…

After my fun client (we play on the Bosu!) I did some strength and considered cardio. Um, nah. I have 2 big projects due by tomorrow and really need to get on it!! So, after 2 errands I’ve been putting off, I’m now home until 4pm working Smile

At 4:30pm I have to go to my “other work”. My life is super busy and weird right now. But it’s also awesome.

Yesterday’s dinner was my favorite broccoli slaw stir-fry with peanut sauce, eggs and almonds.IMG_6757 (800x533)

I just ate the rest of it mid-blogging Winking smileIMG_6756 (800x533)

And after work last night I made a protein cake in a bowl (as opposed to a mug). Topped with sunflower seed butta and a bit of agave.IMG_6763 (800x533)

PS – I can’t take a shower because they turned off the water in our complex to fix something. I stink.IMG_6773 (600x800)

Okay, if you see me on twitter tell me to “go away”! I need to finish these projects today (and get my nails done at some point…)!


  1. Christin says

    When I jog in the morning for my “break” at work, I take a “whore’s bath” using baby wipes…you smell all powder fresh, and sweat-free! (And you get to use the term ‘whore’s bath’ in a sentence) lol

  2. says

    protein cake in a bowl looks delish! i totally know what you mean- i work at lulu and also teach yoga and spin classes so my schedule is kinda insanely all over the place. good luck on your projects!! (and your mani 😉 )

  3. says

    that part in anchor man kills me…’what do you love?” hah funny. im so glad u posted about broccoli slaw i just bought that at TJs and was wondering what to do with it!

  4. Pamela says

    How do you keep your feet looking so good for being a jogger? I was always loosing my toe nails. I know gross.

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