My First Blogher in San Diego


I’m at my first Blogher Conference!!! I didn’t do any packing until today so Ben had time to come meet me for lunch before I left to San Diego. I had the usual because I know I’ll miss it over the weekend (The usual = Everything but the kitchen sink salad, carbs that miss the camera and too many seltzer waters.) Then I was headed on my way! Blogher 2011 is in San Diego … [Read more...]

Run Eat Travel


This morning I woke up dreading my long run. (Okay technically I went to sleep last night already dreading it.) Yesterday I confessed that I’ve reached that part in marathon training where I want to quit. My marathon training plan said to do a “Half Marathon” this weekend. But I’m going out of town and  had originally planned on doing 18 today and doing 13.1 as a step back … [Read more...]