The Best Restaurant Salad


This morning Ben and I decided to explore the Seaport Village before we needed to check out of our hotel. I grabbed an iced coffee and was ready to go! I don’t know if I had mentioned it, but I drove down to San Diego solo for Blogher on Friday. Ben took the train here yesterday afternoon to spend the rest of the weekend with me since it’s just 80 miles north of us! It is just … [Read more...]

Powder Eggs for Breakfast


I had some problems with the blog last night and didn’t get into bed until close to 1am. That’s crazy for me! But I was still up bright and early for a 5 miler with Kath. Miles with a buddy just fly by! When ran the same path we walked yesterday Then, we parted ways and I decided to check out the free hotel breakfast on my way up to my room. I made this plate of food for Ben, … [Read more...]

Dinner with Manisha Thakor


After all the Blogher sessions were over Kath and I headed out for a walk.I put on my RER shirt to represent. I meant to wear it on Friday, but was too embarrassed. It was gorgeous and Seaport Village was packed with people! Well, I thought it was gorgeous. Kath may have thought it was cold Before we left I had a cake pop for fuel. Okay okay, it was really because I was … [Read more...]