Interview with Bob Harper at Blogher 2011


I got hungry around 3pm and had a handful of cherries because I love them. A lot. But, I realized that I needed something more substantial before heading back to work. So, I made a protein smoothie with granola. I’m supposed to cut back on granola and cereal. But I’m also supposed to clean my house more than 2 times a year and not watch so much reality TV = other things I’m … [Read more...]

Seeded Watermelon


When I first cut into this watermelon I got a little scared – it has black things in it?! Oh no, it’s just seeds. Okay.Wait. Seeds?! Boo. Don’t worry I’ll still eat the whole thing (seeds and all) by Friday Wednesday. I cannot even tell you the last time I got a watermelon with seeds. Isn’t that weird though? I showed up to work this morning bright and early and it turns … [Read more...]

It’s Okay


Yesterday on the drive home from San Diego I read Valerie Waters' book and contemplated her advice. During my consultation she told me I probably had no idea what/how much I’m eating. I dismissed this in my head because ‘hello, I’m a FOOD BLOGGER’. I take pictures of my food – how do I not know what I’m eating?! Yeah, she is right. I actually don’t know, because so much of it … [Read more...]