Cleaning Calories


My day is completely backwards! First, I had broccoli for breakfast. Then, I had pancakes in the afternoon. And I was craving a turkey sandwich for dinner! I paired it with some green bean fries and a pickle. Hit the spot. This afternoon I finally set aside some time to clean. I wore my bodybugg and turns out I burned over 350 calories! Plus, it inspired me to … [Read more...]

Pancakes for Snack


I was obsessed with hummustard for years, but recently have switched over to Trader Joe’s Peanut Dressing. OBSESSED. So, if you see a salad that I’m eating at home – it had peanut dressing. This salad also had a veggie burger (trying to get through them) and chips. Regular ol’ amazing and salty, tortilla chips I had a handful of cherries for a snack. Because you know I f-ing … [Read more...]

Broccoli For Breakfast


Morning! Today I had an 8 miler on the schedule. That’s a lot for a mid-week run, so I planned on taking it slow and easy. I was super slow out and okay back. 8 miles – Average Pace 8:54 I ate some a lot of watermelon while pacing around the kitchen thinking up breakfast… I’ve been craving a big ol’ fancy omelet, but since I don’t know how to make them I went with an egg … [Read more...]