Cleaning Calories

My day is completely backwards!

First, I had broccoli for breakfast.

Then, I had pancakes in the afternoon.

And I was craving a turkey sandwich for dinner!IMG 7324 800x533 thumb Cleaning Calories

I paired it with some green bean fries and a pickle. Hit the spot.IMG 7311 800x533 thumb Cleaning Calories

This afternoon I finally set aside some time to clean. I wore my bodybugg and turns out I burned over 350 calories!

image thumb8 Cleaning Calories

Plus, it inspired me to rearrange the entire furniture set up. Our condo looks like a new place now!IMG 7326 800x533 thumb Cleaning Calories

I have an early client tomorrow. I’ll see ya in the morning!

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  1. says

    I wore my body bugg while grocery shopping once and I was surprised to see how many calories I burned (walking around, reaching/bending to get items, carrying and off loading bags). House chores are a great way to stay fit, I just don’t do them enough :P

  2. says

    I knew cleaning was a workout! Seriously I’m always a sweaty mess after cleaning the floor or the bathroom.

    Another interesting calorie burner? My aunt has a Body Bugg and told me that when she flat-irons her hair she burns over 150 extra calories! :-P

  3. says

    I usually don’t comment on food/fitness blogs just to say something looks good, but that turkey sandwich looks the bomb. I want to reach through the screen and grab it, for real.

      • says

        Super dumb question and maybe I missed it and it’s leftovers… but can you get turkey like that already cut, or did you roast a whole bird at some point in the past few days? Seriously, it looks like Thanksgiving leftover turkey. So good! If you can buy turkey that looks like that pre-packaged or from the deli counter, I have to know! (I also don’t eat meat that much, so I’m blaming my ignorance on that!)

        • says

          It was thick cut roasted turkey from Trader Joe’s. It’s already cooked and sliced (because I would have no idea how to do it myself).

          If you don’t have a TJ’s I think you can get it at the deli counter (but I wouldn’t know what to ask for).

          Not a dumb question at all, if I wouldn’t have stumbled upon this ingredient I would have not known where to get it.

          • says

            Thanks, Monica! I might have to make a trip to Trader Joe’s the weekend to satisfy my now crazy craving! They make everything so easy, don’t they?

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