Dinner Number Two

I had a few evening clients today. It’s always hard for me to decide if I should have a big snack or dinner before hand. Today I went with what I thought was dinner. Leftovers from yesterday and an unpictured bowl of cereal…IMG 7360 800x533 thumb Dinner Number Two

Then it was all work work work wlEmoticon smile18 Dinner Number Two

When I got home I decided I wanted Meal #8 of the day to be another dinner. If you’re keeping score, that’s 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, watermelon, 45 pieces of gum, 8 gallons of water and 2 dinners.

I made a volume eater’s delight = cooked broccoli with a chicken patty and marinara sauce.IMG 7382 800x533 thumb Dinner Number Two

And I topped it with some fresh pow-da! IMG 7386 800x533 thumb Dinner Number Two

I made a delicious smoothie for dessert. Seriously, I love this thing in a weird way.IMG 7392 800x533 thumb Dinner Number Two

But, if you’re looking for tastier desserts… I spotted this frozen yogurt sandwich (#18 on snacks for 100 calories or less) and was drooling.image thumb10 Dinner Number Two

Remember my Clean Condo Tour?

Well, I rearranged everything last night and think it really opens up the room. We’re not done yet, but I’m already loving this new set up!IMG 7396 800x533 thumb Dinner Number Two

I am going to a super cool event tomorrow!!! Cannot wait (to tell ya)!


  1. says

    I have the same lamp that you have in your corner…Wal-mart maybe?

    And for some reason I read chocolate patty not chicken. Wonder if my mind is trying to tell me something?

  2. Ashley C says

    I love the new room arrangement. Whatever happened to your standing desk though? I was thinking of getting one recently and wondered if you still use and like yours?

  3. Jen D. says

    I’m in love with the motivational poster from your clean condo tour post- care to share where you got it??

  4. says

    The veggie and chicken patty dinner totally sounds like something I’d make or dinner, especially with the cheese on top. And smoothies make fantastic desserts, especially when they’re super thick.

    I might just have to make one tonight. Mmmm…

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