Work Out with Bob Harper


I went down to Santa Monica to hang out with my ol’ friend Bob Harper today. (You know ‘cause we hung out Saturday too.) Bob was a little freaked out to see this red-headed stalker again totally remembered me from Blogher and said “Hi!” as soon as he saw me. That made me happy. Okay actually, Anthem Blue Cross invited me to this event to learn about how our health connects … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–Sauce is not Soup


#1. I eat spaghetti sauce out of the jar. And put pictures of myself on the internet where I look tragic. And love it a lot more than I should. #2. I’m pretty sure the Sonic girl spit in my drink because I asked so many questions yesterday. Hey, if it’s sugar free I want to know what it’s sweetened with! #3. I don’t think wedding cake lives up to the hype. Except for my … [Read more...]