Five Friday Favorites


This afternoon I was productive with emails and cleaning (okay, I just washed the dishes but that was enough for today). I felt hungry every 3 hours though. I think my body is getting used to eating more often now. A bit after lunch I cut up a watermelon.  Don’t worry, I had already eaten 4 cups of the stuff before this photo session. That’s the only way I could wait! … [Read more...]

Cats Eat Tuna and Monicas do Too


Hello! I had 3 clients this morning and considered doing a strength workout, but my stomach told me to get myself home for FOOD. And when my stomach says something I listen (mostly because I have no willpower or discipline – I must be lacking that gene). I contemplated a few ideas, but when the pussy cat requested tuna to share I obliged. I’m one of those girls that does what … [Read more...]

Feel Good Friday


Hello and Happy Friday! My marathon training plan called for 9 miles at MP (marathon pace). And a 19 miler tomorrow. That’s way too hard for my chubby Mexican legs a little advanced for me, so I opted for 5 today. Looks like I averaged 9 minute miles without even checking. I could not decide between oats and yogurt or eggs today. I ended up going with the oats because I have … [Read more...]