Bittersweet Yogurt


When I went to Whole Foods this morning I got an extra food bucket for lunch. This is a variety of salads – the highlights being tempeh and potato salad. Later I had half a watermelon and a Balance bar. Then, I went to a Yogurtland date with Pam and Janae. This is was THE BEST. I have been looking forward to this all day week! Seriously. A table full of … [Read more...]

Calories Burned Running


I ran 19 miles this morning! And my body is traumatized. Running almost 3 hours solo is mentally tough and physically exhausting so I’m proud of myself because it wasn’t easy to push through but I did it!!! 19 Miles – 2:48:20 – Average Pace: 8:51 Mile 1 – 8:42 *Note: the first 7 miles are slightly down hill hence the faster start. Mile 2 – 8:30 Mile 3 – 8:39 Mile … [Read more...]