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I ran 19 miles this morning! And my body is traumatized. Running almost 3 hours solo is mentally tough and physically exhausting so I’m proud of myself because it wasn’t easy to push through but I did it!!! IMG_7310 (800x600)

19 Miles – 2:48:20 – Average Pace: 8:51

  • Mile 1 – 8:42 *Note: the first 7 miles are slightly down hill hence the faster start.
  • Mile 2 – 8:30
  • Mile 3 – 8:39
  • Mile 4 – 8:37
  • Mile 5 – 8:42
  • Mile 6 – 8:42
  • Mile 7 – 8:46 *Gu taken savored like it was a chocolate bar
  • Mile 8 – 8:49
  • Mile 9 – 8:52 *Decided this will be my last marathon. At least for a very long time.
  • Mile 10 – 8:55
  • Mile 11 – 9:00
  • Mile 12 – 9:05 *Came up with an idea for raising money for victims of drug violence in Mexico
  • Mile 13 – 8:56
  • Mile 14 – 8:54 *Another Gu somewhere around here, who knows?
  • Mile 15 – 9:06
  • Mile 16 – 9:06
  • Mile 17 – 9:01 *Break here to call Ben and ask him to pick me up
  • Mile 18 – 8:59
  • Mile 19 – 8:49 *If this was the race I’d only have 7 miles to go. FML.

How many calories do you burn running 19 Miles?!?image

My bodybugg said I burned 1798 calories from running 19 miles. Nice!

That number is pretty consistent with what I tell clients and readers – “You burn about 100 calories per mile.”

Speed doesn’t matter either, if you’re running or walking – 3 miles will  burn about 300 calories.

Please don’t tell me you’re body is used to running and doesn’t burn as much anymore. I’ve been running 7 years. This is my fourth marathon training session. Your body is no more used to it than mine (plus, I’m built to make babies not run so my body holds on to every calorie and ounce of fat it can).

When I called Ben at Mile 17 to pick me up I told him to meet me at Whole Foods in 20 minutes (because I had 2 miles to go). As I was running I knew nothing at home sounded good, so I wanted a treat!IMG_7312 (800x600)

First, I got a detox juice with wheatgrass on the side. They can put it in the drink if you want, but I like to get it over with.IMG_7317 (600x800)

This drink makes me feel like a million bucks! Yes, even after I traumatized my body with 19 miles SmileIMG_7318 (600x800)

I also went crazy at the hot foods bar! Luckily, they still had breakfast out and were just switching to lunch so I got the best of both! That lower left over is piece of different breads from the dessert bar too! Best decision I ever made was putting a hunk of chocolate chip banana bread in this thing!IMG_7314 (800x600)

I ate my food on the way home and got into the shower as soon as I got back. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make myself take an ice bath. Boo.

I need a nap…


  1. says

    I’m so glad your run went well! I did 13 trail miles this morning and was thinking of you as we were long running it in different time zones! I’m only on week 2 of marathon training and glad you’re tracking your progress because it gives me glimpses of what to look forward to (or dread) with a side of inspiration!

  2. Pam says

    Great Job on your run girlie!! :) WOO HOO!!

    I want to go to Whole Foods and try that “hot foods bar!” Do they have a salad bar too? :)

  3. says

    I laughed a little at your inserts about random thoughts during your run – I almost posted mine today! But they were kind of ridiculous so I refrained.

    PS: I still haven’t showered yet… gross, I know.

  4. Ida says

    Nice Job! I hate when people claim that they are super efficient at running and don’t burn much during long runs.
    I’m interested to hear your idea to raising money for victims of drug violence in Mexico.

  5. says

    hahaha made for making babies! totally agree. I used to get upset that I wasn’t as thin as I was in high school, but then I realized that my hips popped out. And I need them to give birth to our future…you’re welcome America.

  6. says

    Just wanted to offer some info about the amount of calories burned while running, as I’ve seen the “100 calories a mile” around quite a lot, even in Runner’s World Magazine. While that is a likely an average across the board, it’s not entirely accurate, because it’s simply an AVERAGE based across the breadth of our population and there are LOTS of us that are outliers.

    The amount of calories we burn is based on our gender, body weight and lean muscle mass. It’s also a product of effort (increased heart rate) and time. So for example, a man that is 6’3 and 205 pounds is going to burn more calories than a women that is 5’4 and 120 pounds, if they are doing the same workout. Of course, it’s not as if he is necessarily working harder or that she is getting any less of a workout. It’s just the physiology of the situation. Actually, I just thought of a good example about myself: I road bike with my brother sometimes and he’s 6’5 and I’m not sure how much he weighs, but well over 200, maybe 230. I’m 5’11 and 160ish. Whenever we bike and both happen to wear our HR monitors, we always compare our calorie burn. His is typically at least 1/3 higher than mine. So for a 40-mile ride he might be in the 3,000s while I barely reach 2,000!

    Also, effort plays a big role too…if you are doing 3 miles of intense speed drills and/or hills, you are (likely) going to burn more calories than if you did steady-state, even-paced jogging.

    Anyway, just wanted to share that!

    • says

      While I agree that Ben running the exact same run I did would mean he burned more calories, my point was that I, as a 5″6 female around 152 pounds and running for 7 years still burns about 100 calories per mile. Most of my readership are females somewhat similar to myself so they can use my Bodybugg results and a realistic gauge of their own calorie burn on some level.

      That was my main point and I don’t want to take away from it because I have a sizeable readership of young women who over-exercise and undereat because they think they have to in order to lose weight. It’s sad and frustrating when I get emails and comments saying, “I would never burn that many calories!” As that statement is not based on any science or facts, just someone who has convinced herself she only burns 1200 calories a day and thus should eat as many.

  7. says

    Wow! Great running! You kept a nice pace. I did a 21 mile run, my last LONG run in preparation for my marathon in 3 weeks, Yikes! O_O Kudos Monica for hard work and perseverance. Running for hours by oneself is not exactly fun at times.

  8. Shelley says

    You. are. a. ROCKSTAR!! Seriously that is so awesome! i can not even imagine running for nearly 3 hours!! Seriously so so cool. Oh and i absolutely love that Whole foods in Tustin. I am from Australia but i come to LA every year or 2 to visit family and that Whole foods is my absolute fave!

  9. Allison says

    What I think is missing in the discussion about calories per mile is that that is gross calories rather than net additional calories. In other words, if I go run 6 miles in an hour and burn 600 calories, I might have burned 100 calories cleaning or something if I had stayed home for a net of 500. If I walked and did 6 miles in 120 minutes, I would net 400. People seem to discount the calories they would have burned not exercising. If you stayed in bed sleeping, then it probably is all additional calories but, in most cases, I would be doing something else active.

    • D says

      I LOVE this point! And I often forget it when I’m trying to lose a few pounds (like now) and get frustrated with the calories in/calories out thing. You’re right – it’s about net calories. Aghhhhh I needed this reminder.

    • says

      I definitely agree. But that’s usually when I throw my hands up and say “whatever” because I’d probably rather be just catching up with my DVR 😉

      But in reality, the net calories theory makes sense, but I think is more math than most people are willing to do.

  10. Lorin says

    That is awesome! You are super fast and I know you’ve worked hard for that speed. Whole Foods bar is definitely a good motivator though, I think I would use it as an excuse to get a cookie (not that I don’t eat something like that every day! :) Anyways, yay. My accomplishment was 30 minutes on stairclimber, sweating buckets while reading, heck yeah! My knees can’t take long runs I’ve found :/

  11. says

    Being as short as I am (4 foot 10 in.), 100 calories a mile is more than what I burn per mile (I think the Runnersworld calculator averaged it to about 70 calories a mile), however I run long pretty much 6 days a week (at least 8 miles/ one hour) and do other exercise after too. It allows me to eat as much or more sometimes than a taller person. xP That being said, Saturdays are my restdays, so now tomorrow I’m thinking long run, and I’m thinking “If Monica can run 19, so can I…” Hmm, I should get mapping….Oh and the last time I ran 19 miles was on my 19th birthday last November, since then I’ve only gotten to about 15 or 16.

  12. says

    I read somewhere that if you feel like you need a nap after a long run then you didn’t fuel properly before and during. Have you heard this? I always want a nap!

  13. says

    19 miles! Nice. I’m doing a 1/2 in a few weeks (Disney… my 1 year 1/2 marathon first anniversary) and I really need to get in a long run this weekend. Ugh. I need to channel my inner-Monica :) Oh wait, if she existed it would have been done already. Dang.

  14. says

    Wow! 19 miles on your own. I am so impressed. I couldn’t do it. I’m lucky my hubby runs with me (well, he’s out there somewhere at the same time I’m out there) but most importantly I have my dog to run with. She’s a really good listener too and helps me solve the world’s problems.
    Ending your run at Whole Foods is excellent. Your container looks “reserved”. Mine would have been overflowing.
    Congrats on a great run.

  15. says

    Wow, AWESOME speed! I ran 10 miles this morning and had trouble even keeping up with a 10:00 min/mile. It was extremely hilly, though so I’m okay with it. 😛

    I’ve always gone with the 100 calories/mile, too although I tend to burn more when running & walking those miles rather than running it all or walking it all. Maybe because my heart rate’s still up while walking after running? Not sure…but I’ll take it. 😛

  16. Sarah @ Sarah's Modern Bites says

    Awesome Monica! Running for that long, especially by yourself, is certainly mentally challenging! I find that running is as much an exercise for the mind as it is the body.

    Question for you: I’ve been having a lot of difficulty with my left leg. I feel like it just doesn’t recover like my right leg… Like I’m overcompensating or something? It actually feels a little better when I run vs walk which is so strange. I don’t know what’s going on and was curious if you have any experience with this/have heard of this??

    • says

      It sounds like you have some kind of muscle imbalance – which, if not addressed may result in an injury. I would be very mindful of it and make sure to stretch, cool down and pay attention to the little things your leg is telling you so it doesn’t get worse.

      • says

        Thanks Monica. I’m going to take it easier this week with some shorter runs and a ton more stretching and hydration… I need to focus on my core anyway so I’ll use this week to do that :) I’m wondering if my leg doesn’t improve do i address it to my primary care physician… she’s a runner too. I just don;t who I’m supposed to go to if my leg doesn’t get better. I’m new to running seriously and I am training for a half with my Sister. I would be heartbroken if I couldn’t do it :/

  17. Lily M. says

    19 miles is a lot, but I think it’s worth it, since you’re losing 2773 calories every time you do it. Wow. I’ve been considering running for a while now, maybe alternate it with my zumba dancing. I’ve been having fun really, losing 500 calories every hour that I dance, but I need another one, just to keep the excitement going. Thanks for this, this is just the kick that I need. :)

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