Bittersweet Yogurt

When I went to Whole Foods this morning I got an extra food bucket for lunch. This is a variety of salads – the highlights being tempeh and potato salad. (800x533)

Later I had half a watermelon and a Balance bar. IMG_7564 (800x533)

Then, I went to a Yogurtland date with Pam and Janae. This is was THE BEST. I have been looking forward to this all day week! Seriously.IMG_7576 (600x800)

A table full of Yogurtland. You’ll see that my cup is the most full. I’d like to think of the yogurt cup as half all full Winking smileIMG_7573 (800x600)

Since Yogurtland is within walking distance to my house I try to be conservative with my visits and not get too crazy. NOT this time. I filled it up and devoured it SmileIMG_7574 (600x800)

Tons of fro-yo, chocolate-y toppings and granola. I am not conservative with this visit Winking smileIMG_7575 (600x800)

But it was a bittersweet meet up because Janae is leaving to go back home to Utah tomorrow morning Sad smile She was just visiting for the summer with her in-laws.IMG_7577 (800x600)

A surprise guest appeared when Ben showed up to say, “Hi”. He quickly left for pizza though.IMG_7578 (600x800)

I stole some bites as usual.IMG_7580 (800x600)

I couldn’t decide what to have for dinner so I’m chopping on popcorn with nutritional yeast while watching a really good documentary.IMG_7583 (800x600)

And I want to announce that this was the FIRST bottle of wine I opened by myself!!! I’m proud.IMG_7584 (800x600)

Question: Does opening up your first bottle of wine mean you have to drink the whole thing by yourself?!?!


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    I know you’re a Yogurtland devotee, but have you tried Menchie’s? I moved to the east coast from L.A. in December and miss Menchie’s more than the weather!

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    You know, I actually considered bringing my favorite type of granola with me to put on my fro yo tonight. But I didn’t. Good thing there were brownies, cookie dough bites, bananas, sprinkles, Reeses, Heath, and Oreo pieces to fill in. 😉

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    My rule is, once the bottle is open, it has to be consumed that same day… regardless of how many people are around to consume it. Just saying.

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    Yup, you have to drink it. Go to town my friend!

    We live super close to a Yogurtland too. We usually resist but on the weekends all bets are off! I love the caramel almond one.

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    I always add one of those pink and white frosted animal cookies at yogurt land too, such a trip down memory lane, and so good though I hate to admit it!

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    Yes, absolutely! It is your bottle of wine and is not to be shared with others! It is like some kind of mystical Lord of the Rings crap or legal type thing where the first time opener of the wine holds all rights within, to forth and not to be given away lightly! 😉 Wow I wish that sounded better!

    You deserve as much froyo and vino as you want after doing 19 miles girl!

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    I wish I could enjoy wine. Tastes like bitter grape juice to me. I’ve tried various reds and whites and all I can taste is “ewww sour!”

    I wish yogurt places had smaller cups. They are just too wide! I know it’s so that you get more because you don’t think you’re getting much since they are so short. But I want a tall and skinny cup dang it! Then I get to feel like I’m eating a lot without feeling jipped. Just too darn expensive it is! But sooo delicious.

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        I’ll definitely keep trying, but so far I just haven’t had anything that wasn’t bitter or sour. Someone will tell me “oh you’ll actually like this, it’s sweet.” But then I try it and the tang just hits me. I think people are lying to me just to see my face… 😉

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    Do you know how long Yogurtland is going to have those Sanrio cups and spoons? I love them so much!!!!! Alas, we live in a place with no Yogurtland… but I am visiting SoCal in less than three weeks!!!!

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