Concert and Popcorn in the Park


Yesterday my mom told me about a concert in the park nearby our place that was going on Sunday. I love classical music and the weather is perfect so she drove up with my little brother so we could all go! This was the last of a series so it was pretty packed! Doesn’t this dog look a little like Roxy with a mohawk?! She just needs a perm My mom and I went to the restroom … [Read more...]

Sunny Sunday Pancakes and I’m Moving To China

I snuck out of bed this morning to get some pancake ingredients from the store. All I really needed was pumpkin.  I realized after the trip that most people don’t make pancakes with pumpkin. But, that’s my “go to” recipe and I don’t know how to make it without anymore I caramelized banana slices and they were like little pillows of Heaven on my tongue. So good. After … [Read more...]