Concert and Popcorn in the Park

Yesterday my mom told me about a concert in the park nearby our place that was going on Sunday. I love classical music and the weather is perfect so she drove up with my little brother so we could all go!IMG_7604 (800x533)

This was the last of a series so it was pretty packed!IMG_7608 (800x533)

Doesn’t this dog look a little like Roxy with a mohawk?!IMG_7610 (800x533)

She just needs a perm SmileIMG_7469 (800x533)

My mom and I went to the restroom and couldn’t find Matt and Ben after. We were at a park – where could they be?!IMG_7611 (800x533)

Up and down on the see–saw!

IMG_7613 (800x533) IMG_7615 (800x533) IMG_7617 (800x533)

Blurry pictures courtesy of my 10 year old brother Smile Love him for using my SLR.IMG_7622 (800x533)

And a crisp one from my mom.IMG_7623 (800x533)

IMG_7624 (800x533)

I am very dumb. The concert was right at dinner (I just wrote “dessert”) time and I didn’t pack food. MAJOR Food Blogger Fail.

I ended up digging into the popcorn that everyone was enjoying for some sustenance. It worked.IMG_7630 (800x533)

But of course I came home for a real meal. I threw a bunch of random things in a bowl – broccoli, chicken patty, fake spicy chicken wings (that were very spicy!) topped with parmesan. IMG_7636 (800x533)

I am making a protein peanut butter cup treat that I saw in the latest Oxygen magazine. I’ll let you know if it works tomorrow Smile


  1. Runnrjo says

    Defitely let us know about the PB cup. I also ripped that recipe out of the magazine and am thinking about trying it as an after dinner snack!

  2. says

    My Mother used to take us to outdoor concerts like that all the time when I was little. I miss that! That’s so great you could enjoy that with your family :)

    Popcorn before dinner!? Awesome. I could eat popcorn for any meal. It’s sick really.

    Were those the Gardein Spicy ‘wings’? They are super hot! Very surprising.

    Happy Monday!

  3. says

    Sounds like a fun evening with the family. And the seesaw rocks! So much fun. I’ve always wanted to do a boot camp where we use only the playground stuff (seesawing has to be almost as good as squats, right?).

    Popcorn can totally be a meal. And so versatile.

  4. says

    I hate when I do not plan ahead for meals when we are away from the house. I usually end up starving and make bad food choices when I finally get home to eat. No fun.

    I have been wanting to try all of the recipes in that issue of oxygen. The PB cup stood out as my husband’s favorite but the pb stuffed crepe looked good to me too. Yum!

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