Champions Shaping Active Wear

I was recently contacted by a rep from Champion about their new line of Shaping Active Gear. I was super excited because I heard about this line from a co-worker and really wanted to try it!image

My guess is when Champion heard I dress like a broken down tragedy to work-out they offered to send me over a whole new wardrobe! This is perfect for me since I’m a personal trainer now, but trying to build up my clients (read: need to look presentable, but don’t have the money to do it). IMG_7652 (533x800)

Part of my “dress code” for work is to wear black exercise capris or pants. These Smoothing Knee Tights fit the bill!IMG_7665 (800x533)

I’m sporting these to work today and love the length and fit. These are a size Large and have a key pocket. IMG_7691 (800x600)

I am bigger on the bottom and a little lot more jiggly too so I appreciate a pair of exercise capris that hold me in, but also let me move. These are a little on the thicker side, so I wasn’t sure how they would move or breathe. I tested ’em out…

Yep these work!IMG_7692 (800x600)

I’m also wearing a “medium support” sports bra. This is underneath my white tank in the above pictures and is a size Medium. IMG_7673 (800x533)

*Full Disclosure: Champion sent me this stuff and is compensating me. But, you guys know I am 100% honest (to a fault that often results in fights with my husband), so please know these opinions are all mine.

I am digging mini-meals today! First there was a “snack” of egg burrito and watermelon.IMG_7681 (800x533)

Then, a MASSIVE salad while catching up with an old friend in Maryland. Can’t believe I miss her and that state so much! IMG_7683 (800x600)

I need to get to work! I’m sure my co-workers are happy I’m not wearing my stink old capris today!


  1. says

    Those pants look great on you!
    I’m in desperate need of new sports bras. This is going to sound weird but I’m terrified of getting saggy boobs from lack of support. I think it’s a legit concern. Let us know if you like that one.

  2. says

    How awesome. There’s nothing wrong with some free workout clothes. I wear a lot of the Champion C9 clothing from Target; it’s affordable but still good quality. I need some more black capris; I’ve decided that I’m uncomfortable in every other color because black just does a better job of hiding things. :)

  3. says

    Seriously! You are so lucky, lady! You look great! New workout clothes inspire me to work out more, I find. OR at least feel better while doing it.

  4. says

    I love Champion! I actually just picked up 2 new sport bras today because my old Champion ones were looking a bit harsh. Where can I find their new line of clothes? Those capris look really nice!

  5. says

    I really like Champion’s stuff and it looks super cute on you but really Champion? We need tummy control workout pants now? I thought it was about working up a sweat not finding a boyfriend/impressing anyone. Boo Champion, BOO!

  6. says

    AWESOME Champion stuff! I’m not buying any new clothes in 2011, which really hasn’t been too tough, but I miss getting the occasional new piece of running clothing. Something to look for in January, I guess!

  7. says

    Champion, will you please give Monica another wardrobe for a reader giveaway? 😀
    Seriously, I love this brand and have several of their fitted t-shirt tops. This gear looks very stylish and I love the bright colors!
    I am heading over to enter the contest now :-)

  8. phd says

    i don’t know what you’re talking about– you always look adorable in your photos!

    I’ve got some serious love for champion’s sports bras– they’ve really held up over the years and do a great job holding me in. They’re right up there with my more expensive sports bras and a staple in my rotation!

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