Eggs Twice

After my 5pm appointment I came home for dinner before my 7pm client. I don’t know who I am anymore – all I could think of was eggs and/or tuna. Since we don’t have tuna I went with eggs.IMG_7683 (800x533)

I made a big scramble with veggies and served it up with an english muffin – half with garlic laughing cow and half with jam. Jam on it.IMG_7689 (800x533)

So I had eggs twice today and am looking forward to more tomorrow! I should at least get a little more creative with them.eggs and eggs(

Side note: The Oxygen magazine Protein Peanut Butter Cups recipe wasn’t good. I guess I shouldn’t have expected it to be, but I’m an optimist. IMG_7690 (800x533)

I had a piece of toast with PB&J for dessert before heading back to work.

Then, I came home for the Grand Finale!!! IMG_7704 (800x533)

A smoothie in a bowl with granola. I love smoothies. I love granola. This is my favorite snack. FAVE For LIFE!IMG_7705 (800x533)



  1. Lorin says

    I love eggs! By the way after seeing your brocolli slaw stir fry things, I made some of my own. TJ’s brocolli (broccoli?) slaw with marinara sauce is so good!

  2. says

    as i’ve said it before, i love your blog. your posts are just the right amound of random + funny + truthful. also – for some reason my IT server doesn’t block your blog, so I can actually see the pictures and not just the words in google reader. last, and possibly the most important – for whatever reason you always put up a post around 8h30 a.m. my time. i work overseas and i LOVE reading blogs from canada/US. totally makes me feel like i haven’t left the real world. ok. i hope that doesn’t sound stupid. anyway, just some random blog praise for you. and i love your salads. and the froyo place you to makes me green with envy.

  3. runnrjo says

    Bummer about the peanut butter cups. I tried the almond butter whey cookies and it was like eating cardboard. I will have to try something else….

  4. Amanda says

    I made Oxygen peanut butter cups last week and they were great! Mine were very liquid until I froze them in small muffin tins. They made a great frozen pop. Sorry your’s didn’t turn out so well…

  5. says

    Yikes what happen to your dessert?? I always wonder if they test their recipes fully in these health type magazines. The smoothie looks amazing! I had one for breakfast with vanilla protein, frozen mangoes and white chocolate PB blended in. It was amazing and so creamy!

  6. says

    I love eggs (and breakfast in general) for dessert! So glad to see you put ketchup on your eggs. The guys in my office say it is “weird” to put ketchup on eggs (and chicken) but I think it is so good! I think they are the weird ones.

  7. says

    ahh bummer about the oxygen recipe. ive tried some of their protein dessert recipes too and they came out ‘ok’ but basically not good enough to make again. i eat eggs like, a lot. hopefully my cholesterol is okay haha.

  8. emily says

    Monica, What was in your smoothie?? I’m trying to get into smoothies and want to have them more as snacks (so trying to keep them lower than 200 cals) rather than meals. I bought the Biggest Loser vanilla protein (only 50 cals a scoop) and i bought guar gum … any recommendations for ways to make a dessert like smoothie thats healthy and lower calorie than ice cream?

  9. emily says

    Hi Monica,
    I tried to post this a few mins ago and it didn’t work.. so here it goes again. I want to try smoothies as a new snack for me (not necessarily for meals).

  10. CJ @ Http:// says

    Do you put ketchup on your eggs too?!? Everyone looks at me like I’m nuts when I do that!!!

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