No Que Dippy Eggs


My schedule as a personal trainer is different from the normal 8 to 5 so I’ve had to adjust my eating accordingly. If I have a client at or after 6pm I eat dinner super early bird special style. That happens 4 days a week lately, so I’m already used to  this  Today it was an egg sandwich with green bean “fries”. The spread is  Laughing Cow garlic and tons of ketchup. I made … [Read more...]

I Love Watermelon Like Otto Love Pineapple


I had 4 back to back appointments and got home for lunch around 1pm. I was HUNGRY by then and piled up some extra veggies on an almost empty container of arugula. On the pile – romaine, cucumbers, green onions, chicken, peanuts, mushrooms, peanut dressing and excitement. I usually pair my salads with toast or chips, but today opted for copious amounts of watermelon. And went … [Read more...]

8 Miles and Double Pumpkin


Happy Tuesday from Monica and Vegas! This morning I had 8 miles on my training plan. I woke up hungry and my legs felt very tired so I considered cutting it back to 7. I stalled a bit with some iced coffee and toast. Until I didn’t have any more time to waste and got out the door. At the 3.5 mile mark I decided I should really try and stick to the program today since I’m … [Read more...]