My First Cannoli

I had a very “interesting” day at work. Not sure what to say except, at least it kept me from stressing about the Healthy Living Summit? (Yeah, I’m super nervous about my presentation on Blogger Safety. Anyone have suggestions on how public speaking?)

Ben and I haven’t had dinner together yet this week so when we realized our schedules worked tonight I thought up a good “His and Hers” friendly meal. I made chicken fingers and mac n’ cheese. IMG_7762 (800x533)Look at me! A year ago I didn’t even eat chicken and now I’m eating their fingers!IMG_7765 (800x533)

There are three different kinds of chicken strips, but it was on accident. I dipped the chicken in an egg bath and then dipped them in bread crumbs. But, then I ran out of bread crumbs so I dipped them in smashed brown rice cereal and tortilla chips. Then, I ran out of that so I mashed up baked potato chips. IMG_7768 (800x533)

After work I stopped at a health food store for a few things. As always I stopped to drool over the dessert case and torture myself. Well, today I spotted a sugar free cannoli and decided this would be the day I tried my first cannoli! IMG_7773 (800x533)

I don’t like cream filled things (TWSS) so it hasn’t been high on my “Must Eat” list (everyone has that list right?!). Anyways, normally I opt for the real deal when I’m trying new desserts, but since this wasn’t a big deal to me I thought it was the perfect time.

IMG_7778 (800x533)

As expected it didn’t change my life. But, as a food blogger with an appetite I thought it was only right that I tried it.IMG_7775 (800x533)

Have you tried a cannoli?

I think this one was too fancy health food style. It had a ton of cinnamon and tasted weird, like it had an aftertaste. Guess I’ll have to try a real one!


  1. Lorin says

    Yeah you definitely have to have the real thing! It’s actually one of those things that shouldn’t be “healthified”; it depends on the cream and sugar for its distinct flavor.

  2. Ida says

    I’ve had a cannoli before, but it’s been a while. I can’t say it’s a dessert I would choose to have again. I love tiramisu though, and always go for that at Italian restaurants.

  3. says

    Monica, you will rock the public speaking. I have to do it from time to time at work and while I am not totally comfortable with it, I am good at faking it. Just breathe and be yourself. Don’t make a script because then you stress about sticking to it. Have fun :)

  4. says

    You’re hilarious! I love the multi-crusted chicky fingers. I bet they’d be fantastic dipped in your peanut dressing. Mmm…

    Not a fan of cannoli. I like creamed filled stuff, but think I’ll stick with eclairs.

    With public speaking, just remember that no one is judging you. The first 5 minutes are the hardest, but then you’ll relax and get into your groove. You know your stuff and they’re there to hear you tell it, so just do it with confidence. You rock, girl!

  5. says

    I’m not a cannoli fan either… there are other things I like much better! :)

    I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job at the Healthy Living Summit. Feeling strongly about your topic always helps! I try to prepare a lot before public speaking. Feeling as prepared as possible seems to calm my nerves. :)

  6. shannen says

    heh cannolis look as naughty as they taste 😉 someone get my head out of the gutter. i love coating chicken strips with a mixture of crushed crispbread and curry powder!

  7. Chrissy says

    Had my first cannoli last summer at Mike’s Pastry in Boston – they probably sell a gazillion each day. I like the outside part but didn’t like the ricotta on the inside. I think it was a texture thing as it wasn’t smooth enough. So, I won’t be rushing back. Now give me a cupcake and we’re talking :)

    Best of Luck this weekend.

  8. CJ @ Http:// says

    Ohhh dinner looks yummy! Sometimes I select meals so I can have ketchup haha that’s probably kind of weird! But I have never had a canolli. My dads Italian and refuses to get them unless he’s in north jersey or the Italian markets in Philly or NYC. Apparently those are the only places to get the “real thing”

  9. says

    I’ve never had a cannoli either. Not a huge fan of cream so I think that might be the reason I’ve always been put off. Let us know if you ever find a better one and if its good. Then maybe I’ll have to give it a go!

  10. says

    Oh girl, that sugar free thing is no cannoli. I must bring you one from a Cleveland grandmother living in Little Italy. If you’re going to go for it, go full force into the sugar and chocolate goodness!!

    p.s. you are going to rock HLS. So regretting not going now… waaaaahhhhhhhh.

  11. says

    Oh man a diet cannoli? Nasty! You gotta try the real deal, from like a place that knows their cannolis! I’d recommend trying one from Wholefoods, they aren’t bad but they aren’t the best. I’m sure they are better then the sugar free one!

  12. says

    you are eating chicken.. and their fingers now! wow! and they look amazing.. i love using cereal for the extra crunch factor.. yummmm. and that cannoli looks to die for :o)

  13. says

    Wait…Wait…Wait: that was your FIRST cannoli???? Your very first? How did you wait so long? Then again, here in the Northeast I imagine we’re more inundated with Italian food. (A British friend of mine hadn’t heard of them and I drove a few miles out of the way just to make sure he had an authentic one!)

    That said, avoid the sugar free and try a real one. There are different kinds of filling (ricotta vs cream, etc) and some are just better than others.

  14. says

    Cannoli is my absolute favorite dessert, but I think you should try the real thing where the tube part is deep-fried and the filling is whipped ricotta with a bit of sugar and sometimes chocolate chips :) Many places don’t make it right. They use too much sugar and add other flavors. Authentic Italian cafes/bakeries are best for it.

  15. says

    Oh my goodness, cannoli’s are one of those foods that are not the same thing when “healthified”. You need to have REAL full sugar full fat cannoli before you make your final decision! (homemade is even better!)

  16. says didn’t change your life because it is an ugly and sugar-free “cannoli”. That is NOT a cannoli. It offends my Italian blood.

  17. says

    I don’t think the sugar-free version you tried did the real thing any justice. I love cannolis and find that the best ones are either served at swanky restaurants or bakeries. Let us know what you think of the real thing when you try it! :-)

    PS – Yes, I totally have a “Must Eat” list.

  18. Sarah K B says

    I was in french immersion all through out school and every year we had to give a speech. Well I HATE public speaking, I always get super nervous and I feel sick to my stomach. What I did was that I picked out a couple of friendly faces, usually my really good friends and while I was doing my speech, I focused on speaking to them. Every once in a while I would talk to the whole room, but I always made sure that I had my friends in my sight. It made the presentation so much easier to do. I hope your presentation goes well!

    I have never tried a cannoli, I am also not a huge fan of creams in desserts. However a coffee shop opened accross from were I work, and they have a legit Hungarian baker working for them and the desserts, while full of creamy centers are AMAZING!

  19. says

    this is going to sound crazy, but right before my senior presentation in college everyone (except for me, oops) took a shot of alcohol (i think it was tequila, or vodka, who knows) because they were all so nervous and it helped calm them a bit when they spoke! I didn’t drink because I had another method of staying calm: keep a pen in my hand. I have a tendency to throw my hands around A LOT so i keep that in my hand to keep them busy…and it keeps me from saying “um” so much. hahaha.

  20. says

    I bet your presentation will be great! You have a great topic to talk about.

    The best cannoli I ever had was at Angelo Brocato’s in New Orleans. You definitely need to try the real deal! :)

  21. says

    I LOVE when my husband and I find that our schedules match and that we can actually eat dinner together!!!

    I have had cannoli’s before and I could live without them. I mean they are good, but I too don’t like cream filled things too much.

  22. says

    In all the times that you have visited Boston, you’ve never been to the North End for a cannoli? Shame on your hosts! Mike’s Pastry is the only place that I gotten cannolis and they are heavenly. You reminded me of our gift certificate to Mike’s. Perhaps we’ll go into town this weekend.

  23. ALI says

    As a Philly native, just wanted to let you know for your visit: Run along Kelly Drive starting from the art museum! You run behind these awesome row houses that crew teams use. It’s a great run with the city in the background!

  24. Ella says

    Not a big cannoli fan either. Meh. They’re too… unsweet. And that filling is kind of yucky. You don’t care for cheesecake either, right? I’m with you on that one too. Maybe we are secret dislike-foods twins? Cuz I like just about everything else! (Not hollandaise sauce though, gag. You?)

  25. says

    cannolis are something i wouldnt normally buy…but we got some at a farmers market and they were pretty damn good. still dont think they’d be something id go out of my way for though.

  26. says

    I’ve been meaning to make chicken fingers (or fish sticks, lighter for a summer evening?) and have been thinking of using pretzels?! I like the texture of chips/ cereal rather than breadcrumbs- you get some finely ground and bigger pieces!

  27. Katie says

    Love your blog! Just stumbled upon it from HRG a few days back and have been reading your posts backwards (newest to oldest) for the past few days whenever I get time. You are so cute! I had to comment on this one because of your TWSS comment, cracks me up! Oh, and cannolis are great, gotta try the real deal lady! No sugar free crud! Thanks for making me laugh early in the morning before my kiddos wake up!

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