Random Stir Frys Dot Com


I had a serious craving for cooked bell peppers and onions for dinner. That’s really all I wanted, but since I’m now a practicing member of the Church of Protein I added 2 chicken burgers and 2 veggie burgers to the mix too. Yeah 2 of each - I’m not only a follower of the Church of Protein I’m also the new leader of their cult. But, I have some scary news… Ben came home … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–Stay Away from My Dressing


It’s that time again! This Monican is clearing her heart and confessing the following: #1: I think Ben is stealing using my peanut dressing for his salads. This makes me 10x more mad than it should, but I’m about to cut a bltch Ben. #2: I have had my eye on these Ritz pretzel thins for a long time and finally justified buying a small bag from the 99 cent store. I’m sad … [Read more...]

My New Phone–HTC Sensation


Hello I’m going to KB today so I had a lot of time this morning to get started on some tasks. I’ve already cleaned the kitchen and am washing clothes. <- Proud of that. I considered pancakes for the 867th day in a row, but decided I was craving a salty egg sandwich instead. I coated one side with Laughing Cow and drenched everything in ketchup and hot sauce. I never … [Read more...]