My New Phone–HTC Sensation

Hello Smile I’m going to KB today so I had a lot of time this morning to get started on some tasks. I’ve already cleaned the kitchen and am washing clothes. <- Proud of that.

I considered pancakes for the 867th day in a row, but decided I was craving a salty egg sandwich instead. I coated one side with Laughing Cow and drenched everything in ketchup and hot sauce.egg sandwich

I never regret making an egg sandwich for breakfast (and actually always want another one!). It really is satisfying and delicious.

That’s one tall drink of water egg stack!IMG_7786 (800x533)

The weekend before last I went to Blogher and spent a fair amount of time walking around the expo. I spotted the T-Mobile booth and went to do research on their new phones. I was seriously over due for a new one!

When I went to the booth my new best friend Dan mentioned their twitter contests going on that weekend. Long story short I WON a new T Mobile phone!!!IMG_7675 (533x800)I got the HTC Sensation in the mail day before last. I get packages all the time so the Fed Ex guy and I are cool. But, I think I scared him when I screamed in delight as he handed this over.

The HTC Sensation is the exact phone I had been hoping to save up my pennies to buy (Dan let me pick the one I wanted)! I’m super excited because I really needed a new phone, but didn’t have the money for it. My contract was up too, so I qualified for a discount but just couldn’t do it.

It gets better – I also won a $100 gift card to T-Mobile! Yesterday I went to the store to get a protective case (I drop things constantly) and a blue pink tooth.IMG_7747 (800x600) (800x600)

Now I just have to figure how to work this thing…IMG_7748 (600x800) (600x800)

Question: Have you ever won anything? What?

This is seriously the coolest thing I’ve won!!!


  1. says

    BlogHer was actually very good to me. I won a Kindle and a Marc Jacobs tote bag at one lunch and went to the HTC meetup where they gave all of us new smartphones, so I have a new HTC, too. It’s the Inspire for AT&T, my first-ever Android.

    (Your egg sammie looks great, BTW.)

  2. says

    Do keep us posted on how you like the phone! I’m due for an upgrade with T Mobile but I don’t know anyone who has this phone! (Jealous…lol)

  3. says

    Hell yes, lady–what an awesome win! With my wedding coming up next year, I’m entering every giveaway I can possibly enter to try to win things. My luck has been pretty terrible so far, but here’s to hoping! Once, when I was 13, I won tickets to see Five for Fighting. It was a glorious day.

  4. says

    Wow, that’s great! How nice to win something you actually need/want/will use. When I was 12 I won a bottle of wine at some spaghetti dinner. And two years ago at the PTA’s basket bingo event I won a Pampered Chef stoneware bakepan, which I never use. Not nearly as exciting as a new phone.


  5. says

    I want to say I’ve never won anything, but I have the sneaking feeling I have…Hmm…

    Huge WOOHOO for you, though! I love the feeling of a new phone–so many features I will never use but think are important at the time!

  6. Rachel C says

    Congrats on the new phone win!!

    I have only won one thing in my life and it was concert tickets to see “The Spin Doctors”, you know the song….”Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”!! Some early 90’s music scene for you! Ha ha!

    I didn’t end up going and gave the tickets away. Funny.

  7. says

    Scaring the UPS man really cracks me up! You’re super lucky, I’ve never won anything! Well nothing real. I went to a bridal fair back in January & a month later someone from it called to inform me had won a mini vacation and I am such a sucker! At first I was super excited because it sounded so real & the guy was so nice then it was all downhill. He transferred me to this other lady that was all about the sales pitch for a timeshare and blah blah blah. Needless to say I had to just hang up :-( So much for a free mini vaca!! Good luck figuring your new phone out! At least it’s pretty haha.

  8. Ida says

    Sweet phone! I want a smart phone, but not the monthly bill that comes with it. I won a jar of Justin’s nut butter in a FB contest:)

  9. says

    I worked in a credit card call centre for a while and I won a decent camera for selling insurance (don’t judge me … I needed the money!) They had some pretty awesome prizes, including flights to the US (from the UK).

  10. says

    I won coconut waters from YOUR blog! I was all excited when they got to my house, and my husband thought I was crazy becuase he had no clue what they were or why I would drink them…then he tried to drink them on the sly so I had to hide them (hypocrite that he is) lol! :)

  11. says

    yay! That is so great that you won such a cool phone JUST when you really needed a new one!! How is the camera on it??

    I need to upgrade my HTC Eris like yesterday… it is so bad it is discontinued! I’m thinking of getting the Incredible 2 hopefully sooner than later.

    Besides winning a gift basket from a Whole Foods raffle the coolest thing I have ever ‘won’ was $400 on a $2 scratch ticket I scratched the way back from a very difficult family visit on Cape Cod. My Sister and I Used it for a fabulous night out in Boston for dinner… it was just what we needed and came at JUST the right time :)

  12. says

    I won some Justin’s nut butter and freaked out. I am a dork.

    I love my HTC Evo Shift. The Android phones are amazing. I am obsessed with it! Enjoy!

  13. Ashley says

    Way to go, that’s awesome!!! I won the grand prize from LiveWell360 recently, it contained a buttload of schwag 😉

  14. Jill says

    I’ve won a few things, over the years. The best ones were a full set of cute, girlie motorcycle gear, including the coolest white helmet with pink flames. And, of course the car!

    I went to a nursing convention in Utah, and entered every one of the drawings in the vendor area. No-body EVER wins the big prizes, right? A few weeks later I started getting recorded messages from a company, promising ‘some exciting news’. When I didn’t call back, they sent me a FedEx letter. I won a BMW Z3 convertible and a trip to Atlanta for the presentation. It was the coolest little car ever. I drove it for ten years.

  15. says

    yayy that is so exciting! My freshmen year of college I won a LSAT prep course. That is not nearly as fun as a new fun. Also..too bad I decided to skip law school.
    maybe I can sell it on ebay!?

  16. says

    I actually win a lot of raffles. In the last year, I’ve won a giant fruit basket, a six-month supply of protein powder, some sunflower butter, and a 32″ flat screen TV. Not too shabby.

  17. Amanda says

    I’ve never won anything cool…… got a ROCHE messenger bag during lab week one year. Yeah.

    I’ve had 2 HTC phones and loved them both! I have the EVO now, its fun : ) You’ll get used to it, they’re pretty simple.

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