Healthy Living Summit Blogger Safety Presentation


I feel like I’ve been MIA all day! But blogging conferences are very overwhelming so I really focused on being present and enjoying it today. I especially was present (read: pushed to the front of the line) for lunch! This was the best conference lunch I’ve had yet! I got a big salad and roasted vegetable sandwich. The tofu was out by the time I got there or I would have … [Read more...]

Carrots N Cake Boob Signing


Despite only 3 hours of sleep I got up bright and early for a 13.something miler with Tina and Bonnie. It was kinda brutal, but we did it! It really helped that Tina was running, she’s a fun running buddy. Happy to cross another state off my “run in every state” list! We ran together in Baltimore in May. In Massachusetts in April and for a few miles of her marathon in … [Read more...]

Apologies To My HLS Roommate


Hello from Philadelphia! I’m at the Healthy Living Summit and wanted to take this time to apologize to Katy my roommate for the following… Sorry, I will be super late to the first events because I’ll be coming in from California. You know, after a very important layover in Dallas. Important because of the DD iced coffee of course!   The Dallas airport was great! It … [Read more...]