It’s What’s On the Inside


I have been trying to catch up on emails all day! Still working on it if I owe you one I picked up a few Manager’s Specials at the store earlier – a package of asparagus stir fry and lean turkey burgers. Since I had no idea what to make for dinner I decided to just combine the two. I diced up the turkey patties and cooked it up with the veggies plus seasoning. When it was … [Read more...]

Questions about Blogging Conferences


I only had one 11am client this morning so after that I headed to the store to stock up on food. Apparently, Ben did some grocery shopping this weekend, but it consisted of Skittles, Bacon, Fiber One Bars and Juice Beer. I’m not lying. And apparently he thinks we keep the Skittles supply on the nut butter shelf. Wonder what snacks he was cooking up while I was gone?! I was … [Read more...]

Late Night Curly Fries


Hello! I’m back safe and sound in Southern California   It was a long day of traveling yesterday, but went a lot smoother than many of the other HLS peeps travels. I had another layover in Dallas and had an hour to explore. I really love the Dallas airport! Is that weird? Yes. During my exploration I bought a cookie to keep me company This sucker was big so I only … [Read more...]