It’s What’s On the Inside

I have been trying to catch up on emails all day! Still working on it if I owe you one Smile

I picked up a few Manager’s Specials at the store earlier – a package of asparagus stir fry and lean turkey burgers.

Since I had no idea what to make for dinner I decided to just combine the two. I diced up the turkey patties and cooked it up with the veggies plus seasoning.IMG_8050 (800x533)

When it was done I added half a jar of pasta sauce. Served up with so much parmesan you can’t see what’s underneath it!IMG_8051 (800x533)

<insert 3 Adora disks and some graham crackers here>

I bought Ben some ice cream before I left for Philly with specific instructions =  he was to eat it all before I got back. Since he didn’t, I finished it off and decided to eat my smoothie out of the ice cream container.

It did seem like more of a treat!IMG_8060 (800x533)

I either have heart burn or am having a heart attack. I’ll let you know in the morning.


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