Watermelons and Looking Familiar


This afternoon I hit up Costco for some essentials. Ben has been eating big ol’ salads for lunch too so we’re going though hearts of romaine like it’s watermelon water. Random note: A guy in line thought I looked familiar and said he knew me. That actually happens fairly often. I suspect it’s because I have red hair. Like someone remembers that so-and-so’s … [Read more...]

Adora Dessert


I had a busy morning at the gym! I got in a very short strength session, but one of my clients came in early and wanted to knock it out so I went with it. Then, we had a team meeting at noon. I had to pick up a few things from TJ’s after work and ended up with a new jar of Sunflower Seed Butter. I tried to hold off for a week or two since I was going through it so fast! I … [Read more...]

Change of (Workout) Plan


Good Morning! I had 8 miles on my training plan today, but realized I haven’t taken a 100% day off from running since Thursday. So, I’m adjusting my schedule. I ended up doing 4 miles today: And completely changed my plan for the rest of the week. Monday: Easy 5 Tuesday: 4 miles and Strength Wednesday: Spin, Abs Thursday: 8 mile tempo Friday: Strength and a … [Read more...]