Adora Dessert

I had a busy morning at the gym! I got in a very short strength session, but one of my clients came in early and wanted to knock it out so I went with it.

Then, we had a team meeting at noon. I had to pick up a few things from TJ’s after work and ended up with a new jar of Sunflower Seed Butter. I tried to hold off for a week or two since I was going through it so fast!

I made a quick chicken salad for lunch. Mixed with light mayo, tons of relish and green onions. Sorry, mixing it with greek yogurt makes me want to die.IMG_8073 (800x533)

The bread is TJ’s wheat sourdough and it’s amazing toasted with butter or cream cheese so I did both. Amazing.IMG_8072 (800x533)

With a side of grapes because they are perfectly sweet.IMG_8078 (800x533)

I couldn’t let my new jar of Sunflower Seed Butter couldn’t just be ignored! I spread it on a sandwich thin. But, then I got an idea…IMG_8082 (800x533)

I chopped up an dark calcium Adora disk and put it on the sunflower butter. Pop it in the microwave for 15 seconds and prepare for your mouth to get really happy.IMG_8085 (800x533)

See you in a bit Smile


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    Mmm mayo is irreplaceable. However. I will say this fully expecting you to hate me, but I *have* tried Walden Farms Cream Bacon dressing, and, while not being mayo, it does deliver on both creamy and bacon and makes a mean tuna salad. Just an FYI coming from someone who puts mayo on virtually everything. :)

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    I know what you mean about going through that stuff so fast. I bought a jar of almond butter (first time ever) and almost through the entire thing in a week. I’ve been thinking of trying sunflower seed butter next because it’s getting so much play out on the blogs.

    Nuts for nut butter!

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    A little mayo now and then won’t hurt ya! I never replace mayo or sour cream with greek yogurt–I use both only once in a great while so when I need them, I just use the real things.

    I’m with you on the sunflower seed butter–ADDICTING.

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    Re: mayo vs yogurt, i love that you said what I was thinking .
    I see so many people use it in place of mayo and in some dishes it works for me, but there are some things where mayo is just required. Like chicken salad and turkey club house sandwiches
    Whats your stance on miracle whip vs mayo , or need i ask ? 😛

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    It is sort of like the applesauce replacing oil in baked goods for me. I actually discovered I like it way better! I add automatically replace any oil with applesauce in my brain whenever I’m reading a recipe. And I do the same thing with mayo and greek yogurt. I never realized how awesome greek yogurt was until I started trying it in the place of mayo. And now I can’t even imagine eating mayo again.

    But don’t worry, nothing can replace real caramel, peanut butter, ice cream or a million other devilishly good things! :)

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