Change of (Workout) Plan

Good Morning! I had 8 miles on my training plan today, but realized I haven’t taken a 100% day off from running since Thursday. So, I’m adjusting my schedule.

I ended up doing 4 miles today:IMG_8054 (800x600)

And completely changed my plan for the rest of the week.

Monday: Easy 5

Tuesday: 4 miles and Strength

Wednesday: Spin, Abs

Thursday: 8 mile tempo

Friday: Strength and a class

Saturday: Long Run

I wore my new yellow shirt that Champion sent me for my run. I am LOVING the color yellow lately so I was excited when I got this! I like that it has a v-neck that’s not very low and the fit is streamlined without being tight. ( For reference if you’re interested in this top: This is a Medium (as is the sports bra), I wear a Large in the bottoms.)IMG_8052 (800x600)

They also sent a wick-wear hoodie. I appreciate when workout clothes are cut longer in the mid-section. I hate feeling like I have to keep pulling at it to keep it from showing my belly.IMG_8058 (800x600)

(Champion sent me a bunch of workout clothes as part of their Ambassador program. My reviews are always my own opinion.)

Protein Pumpkin Pancakes are back! (Yes, they were only really gone for 4 days but that’s a long time in my world.)IMG_8063 (800x533)

Pancakes are better with sprinkles on top – chia sprinkles in this case.IMG_8066 (800x533)

Question: Do You Prefer Rainbow or Chocolate sprinkles?


  1. says

    Those Champion workout clothes are so cute! I love the hoodie. Does it have thumbholes? That’s my favorite part of workout hoodies! I prefer chocolate sprinkles, but sprinkles in general sort of freak me out. Happy Tuesday!

  2. says

    Totally not a sprinkles chick. I love me some mini chocolate chips instead. But chia seeds? Great substitute!

    The hoodie looks really comfortable and I love the white piping. I agree about being cut long in the mid-section. I don’t want to look at my belly while I’m running and I’m sure no one else does either.

  3. says

    I always buy longer length tanks and tops for running… I also can’t stand when you keep feeling as though you are pulling your shirt down… it’s very distracting!

    Choco sprinkles all the way! I am from MA and growing up chocolate sprinkles were always called jimmies… which I have learned is really not an nice term to use for chocolate sprinkles…. I called them jimmies all the time growing up. Crazy!

    Anyway… Whenever I order soft serve I always load up with choco sprinkles… like almost more sprinkles than ice cream. SO GOOD.

  4. says

    I prefer no sprinkles. Which I know, must mean I’m insane. But I never understood the appeal, it’s not like they even really taste like anything!

    I love, love that shirt! Finding V-necks that aren’t cut ridiculously low is never easy. And I always have problems with shirt length. Either they are too short, or they are so ridiculously long. In fact, I find it funny that I have the too long problem most often when I have an abnormally long torso!

  5. Margaret C says

    I’m not a bit sprinkles fan because I can’t actually taste them, but if I had to choose, it would be chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better! :)

    Just curious; how tall are you?

  6. says

    A little of both?! Now that I think about it, rainbow sprinkles don’t usually have brown [or chocolate] mixed in- not part of the rainbow I guess 😛

  7. says

    Rainbow of course! my favorite running top is actually Champion, as are ALL of my sports bras. I think they make the best sports bras for women with a little more up top! I’m a 34D and their 360 bra is my favorite!

  8. says

    I like chocolate sprinkles on the INSIDE of the cone (make the swirl with a large enough hole in the middle)…then you don’t just eat all the sprinkles and get stuck with the boring ice cream.

  9. says

    Not a sprinkle person, but I do love powdered sugar.

    I had a question about your training. Are you doing Long Beach? I know you did the full marathon last year. I did the half and liked the course. How would you describe the full course? I know there is a slight incline as you go up to CSULB but overall it’s pretty flat. Do you incorporate any hill training? Or include include hills in your long runs?

    • says

      Exactly like you said – pretty flat except for the hill near CSULB. I am not incorporating any hill training on purpose. I have a slight hill near my house which I run because I hafta – but I wouldn’t seek it out if I wasn’t here. I don’t think you need to do hill training for this race. It helps the cause, but I hate it too much to make myself.

      • says

        Thanks! I can’t really avoid hills especially during long runs. I live near neighborhoods with “hills” and “heights” in the names. I can run flatter routes, but the hills/heights areas are more runner friendly. I figure the extra hill training can’t hurt.

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