Headed for Divorce


There are a lot of reasons why Ben should leave me… I blogged on our honeymoon (and here and here) I watch all the reality TV he hates I eat all the watermelon and never share any with him I consume more fiber than any one girl should But the thing that irks him the most is my collection of plates. I have TONS of plates that don’t stack up right because they’re … [Read more...]

Big Fat Liar


I had to go to the DMV for a new license today. Luckily, I made an appointment so it wasn’t too painful. Unluckily, I didn’t realize I was going to be asked, “How much do you weigh now?” Um, I guess it is obvious I lied was optimistic that last time? Busted! I upped it a bit closer to the true number, but let’s just say my optimism isn’t completely dead I came home for a big … [Read more...]

Spinning a year later


I had a 7am client this morning and since I decided to take an extra day off of running this week, I had time for the 6am Spinning class. Thanks to the blog I can go back in time to see that I haven’t taken Spinning since March 2010 when I was living in Maryland! Crazy. I had to figure out how to adjust the bike again. I was a totally newbie. When I got there the class only … [Read more...]