Headed for Divorce

There are a lot of reasons why Ben should leave me…

  • I blogged on our honeymoon (and here and here)
  • I watch all the reality TV he hates
  • I eat all the watermelon and never share any with him
  • I consume more fiber than any one girl should
someecards.com - I'm so happy I forced you into marrying me

But the thing that irks him the most is my collection of plates. I have TONS of plates that don’t stack up right because they’re all different shapes and sizes. Every time he puts away the dishes he gets frustrated and swears he’s going to throw some of them out.

Well, today I added two new plates to the collection. I was a little too excited about this one…IMG_8110 (800x533)

I’m hoping these fabulous green bean fries will distract him from the plate? Crap, I should have made steak.IMG_8116 (800x533)

I’ve been having one of these after each meal (and snack). IMG_8117 (800x533)

Tonight’s dessert – smoothie in a bowl with cereal and crumbled graham crackers.IMG_8119 (800x533)

Okay, I’ve gotta go hide some plates! Hopefully, he still loves me!(www.nataliedee.com)


  1. Ida says

    haha- Side effects of being married to a blogger!
    I bought some CVS brand chocolate calcium chews b/c they were half off- not nearly as good as Adora:(

  2. says

    I have been seeing these calcium disks around and debating whether or not to try them. Any advice on when calcium supplements are necessary? And/or the best kinds? I certainly appreciate that these are centered around chocolate.

    • says

      If they’re dark chocolate they’re always necessary 😉

      You truly only NEED any supplement if you’re not getting enough of that vitamin/mineral in your diet. So, check your dairy/calcium fortified food consumption to check.

      But, I eat them because they’re delicious – not just for the calcium.

  3. says

    You are too funny; I love you darling! Gotta love chocolate…I’ve gotta have my fix everyday. So nice n’ sweet. Hope you are well. Miss you; I’m a serious plate fanatic, too. Love ’em!

  4. says

    Our men do put up with a lot! I drive mine crazy with my constant veggie roasting, putting his stuff away because I don’t like clutter, and making him eat ‘healthified’ baked goods. I just want him to live forever so that I can continue to torture him. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

  5. says

    This is too freakn’ funny Monica!

    When my boyfriend and I moved in together he had a VERY hard time dealing with all the different kinds of plates and the odd number…. I did not understand what the big deal was. He gets super frustrated putting them away it’s hilarious and makes no sense to me.

    Love your new plate!

  6. says

    hahaha, Michael doesn’t know what to do with all my blogging dishes!! He just stacks them on top of the other dishes and they end up getting in a huge mess. It’s just something we understand I guess. 😉

  7. says

    haha Derek says the same thing to me. Now we have a rule where I’m the one who is ALWAYS in charge of putting the plates away. I have a system that is just so that Derek doesn’t understand. :)

  8. Katie P says

    Monica count yourself super lucky that Ben puts dishes away! I don’t know the last time my boyfriend emptied the dishwasher. On the other hand he grows me fresh herbs on our patio and kills spiders so I supposed we have a balance. Mmmmmm chocolate, I think I need to go find myself a little piece.

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