Spinning a year later

I had a 7am client this morning and since I decided to take an extra day off of running this week, I had time for the 6am Spinning class.IMG_8084 (800x600)

Thanks to the blog I can go back in time to see that I haven’t taken Spinning since March 2010 when I was living in Maryland! Crazy.

I had to figure out how to adjust the bike again. I was a totally newbie.IMG_8081 (800x600)

When I got there the class only had 1 other person. Finally 3 more showed up, so there were of us. My gym is really dead in the summer – is that the case with you guys too?IMG_8082 (600x800)

I packed an egg burrito and iced coffee for breakfast part 1. IMG_8089 (600x800)

And I had a really good session with a fun client. She’s interested in trying new exercises and challenging herself – love that Smile (Plus, she reads the blog – Hi!)

When I got home I had breakfast part 2 – watermelon, pineapple cottage cheese, chia seeds and rice cereal. This combo is oddly great together!IMG_8091 (800x600)

Question: Is your gym less busy in the summer?

It seems everyone around here is enjoying summer outdoors.


    • Rhonda says

      Yes….I work at a university….most kids have left campus….I
      count on the new incoming students to concentrate on the freshman 15 so our classes stay small….I am selfish like that!

  1. Chloe (In Fine Feather) says

    I’m super impressed by your early morning workout. I don’t know that I could do that and THEN go train someone. Spinning is especially tough!

  2. says

    I actually quit going to my spin classes bc I got sick of having to sign up for them a month in advance (pay a dollar for each) to even have a chance of getting in bc they were so full & in demand. Litterally… a huge line of women at 7 am to sign up for classes that were 30 days away on the first of each month. It was getting way out of control. THEN, once you were signed up for said class, you had to get there at least 30 minutes before class to stand in line so you didn’t get one of the reject bikes in the back corner with no air or light. The ladies started getting there over an hour early and setting their bags in a line to hold their spot (while lifting or pre-cardioing it for an additional hour like freaks) and the staff finally made them stop bc it was getting earlier and earlier. Eventually there was a big sign ‘NO BAGS’. LOL. I went back to riding outside with my husband. More fun that way and far less stress.

  3. says

    My gym is MORE busy in the summer! It usually gets super crowded right after New Years (of course) then dies down a bit, then is packed again from May – August but it seems to calm down when school starts.

  4. says

    Yes! I work out/work at a university gym which is fantastic and huge. Most days in the summer there are no more than 20 people total in there, but once September hits it will be packed! I actually like having the gym a little bit dead though since I never have to wait for equipment or a spot on the mats. Once fall hits you have to plan your gym-going time according to peak hours so that you actually have a chance of getting some equipment.

  5. says

    I was the only person in my 6am spin class! My teacher told me August is the least busy month for group fitness – like across the board. I think once September comes around, the classes will fill up. :)

  6. Leanne says

    I live in Las Vegas and the gym I go to, LVAC, is busy all the time. No matter if it’s 5am or 5pm, you have to get to spin at least 15 minutes early to get a bike.

  7. says

    I live in Nowhere PA- the gym is never full, except the weight room with all the dudes that Lift, Fart, Repeat. I wonder if they have a blog.

    I don’t enjoy the bike, I get pretty restless with it- I’ve never figured out why, and haven’t given it more than a couple of tries; I usually hang out with the Prancing Princesses on the elliptical

  8. says

    Actually no. It is only $10 a month so it always PACKED! I am ending up my old gym membership and it is definitely less packed in there. Which makes me sort of bummed, but it’s $35 a month and I just can’t justify the cost when the other gym is so much cheaper!

  9. Emily says

    My gym is so empty! I only do weights and pilates during the summer and play tennis and run outside!! I find satisfaction in seeing the “regular’ crowd all summer long – like we’re the committed ones!! I get really annoyed, though, once everyone comes back in the fall… kind of like the month of January!

  10. says

    Meh…i’d say mine is about the same…I go to classes that have some pretty dedicated poeple, and people who go on thier lunch break like me, so it stays pretty consistent…although I bet the machines and stuff are a little less busy because I do live in a college town and the students went home…

  11. says

    Ok I have never taken a spin class. Partly cause I haven’t really belonged to a gym with classes the other part is I think it would be hard to rid one of those bikes with my disabled arm.

  12. says

    Our gym is busiest sept-nov and jan-mar.

    But I wish thet started to open up gyms earlier than 7 here and 6 am gym class, it would be dream.

  13. Jill says

    I let my gym membership go, a while back since the place was too crowded even when I went before work, at 4am.
    Yoga classes have been sparsely attended this month. Last week there were only two students (it was awesome). The instructor said it’s the same every August and December.
    Running at the beach is not so much fun in the summer. It’s tough to find parking, even when you’re paying the earth for it. The beach path is crowded and not all beach goers are considerate of others. In a couple of weeks, the beach path will be heaven on earth again, until next June.

  14. says

    Déjà vu…I took a Spinning Class this morning because I have to do 50 hours of group exercise classes for my group exercise instructor certification and I had not been to a class since Sophomore year of college. I swear the bike has changed! I tried to play it cool and adjust it, but my seat was way too low and the instructor called me out at the end of class. Busted.

    Thanks for the advice on Long Beach….still deciding but I am 75% yes.

  15. says

    I just joined a new gym (Anytime Fitness) so I don’t have a comparison. I have lived in the area for 6 months and the parking always looked full. But inside the gym it’s not that full.

    However my old gym was way too crowded even in summer which is one of the reasons I left that gym and went from $20 to $40 per month. So far the added expense is worth it this gym is super close to my house and they group classes which the hold gym did not (Planet Fitness)

    I just started doing spin class and love it got there too lat0e yesterday for class. Stupid work!

    I do not know how you do the 6 am classes. Maybe I will try an early morning gym class next week.

  16. says

    My gym is also pretty dead in the summer, although nyc in the summer time is very awesome, and even I am tempted to have lunch in Bryant Park instead of getting sweaty in the gym during my lunch break :) I do however dread the mid november to mid february rush!

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