Come to Mama…Chia


I had  a full afternoon schedule and wanted a lasting snack before I left. So, I made a big protein smoothie and topped it with cereal. I could eat this three times a day and sometimes do.Oh, and this is my other new bowl! Love it because there is a flower printed on the bottom so I’m not as sad when all the food is gone and I’m left with a sad empty bowl. When I got home I … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican #16 and The Usual


Even though I had breakfast late this morning I was ready for lunch around my normal lunch time. It was the usual. Do you ever wish you were a regular at a coffee shop and Frannie the waitress  with the raspy voices says, “Morning Monica, the usual?” when you walk in? No just me? Oh, okay... I did change it up with these new-to-me chips though! They are a 99 Cent Store … [Read more...]

Upside Down Eater


Hello! I am running super late today – it’s already 11:20am here in California. Which means it must be 5pm for you guys on the East Coast! Or something like that, I don’t really understand clocks. I ate a few bites of Ben’s oatmeal before going on an 8 miler. It was hot by the time I started so I ended up doing 7.72 slow and steady. Then, I ate approximately 43 pounds of … [Read more...]