Ask a Monican #16 and The Usual

Even though I had breakfast late this morning I was ready for lunch around my normal lunch time. It was the usual.IMG_8145 (800x533)

Do you ever wish you were a regular at a coffee shop and Frannie the waitress  with the raspy voices says, “Morning Monica, the usual?” when you walk in?

No just me? Oh, okay…

I did change it up with these new-to-me chips though!IMG_8150 (800x533)

They are a 99 Cent Store healthy find! Those are the best ever!!!IMG_8149 (533x800)

And chocolate for dessert <3IMG_8152 (800x533)

Ask a Monican #16

1. Getting a massage after a half marathon
2. How to breathe when you first start running
3. Being concerned about exercise and food while at a blog conference

Just wanted to point out that I’m aware… I am pimple city this week and considered postponing it. But, I’m here zits and all for you guys even though I’m sure you don’t want to see that ish. Also, I had to turn off the fan because it was too loud so I’m sweaty. Sorry.

Mentioned in the video: Heather Eats Almond Butter – Guest Post on RER


  1. says

    I was wondering about a massage after running a marathon since I’m doing one in December. Knowing that we should wait to see if we have injuries before having one is really good information since I like to have the deep tissue and that could lead to more injuries if not take care of. Thanks!

  2. says

    The question about breathing when first starting out running was very helpful…that’s the biggest thing that holds me back from running, honestly! I recently heard about using apple cider vinegar (taking a couple times a day before meals diluted in water) to help with stuffiness and allergies…also it is used for helping to shed fat apparently…I am always super skeptical about home remedies like this, so I was wondering if you’ve heard of anyone doing this, or knew anything about it?

  3. says

    ok, no for realz, I’ve ALWAYS wished that some barista at a coffee shop would say mornin, the usual!? I WOULD LOVE THAT! hehe we’re crazies:) and those gensoy chips are bomb, glad you liked them and so cheap! ps is your chocolate dessert one of those calcium things?! lol it looks like mine!

  4. says

    I completely feel you on this heat (I’m over in the Inland Empire. I can’t think of any place worse.)

    I’m broken out and sweating while sitting still in my house. You look great though.

  5. says

    Thanks so much for this post Monica (you look fab by the way!!!… Pimples??)

    I am running two half marathons in October and I already have an injury from training :( I’m going to the doctor tomorrow…. I never considered massage. I mean, I have been using a frozen water bottle to roll my left calf but I don’t really know what else to do. I have actually been super bummed that I cannot run. My last run was 7.6 miles on Sunday and my left leg has been out of commission since.

    When you mention… ‘make sure you’re okay’…. how do I know if I am just sore vs I have a serious injury?? I mean I am going to my primary tomorrow because I already had an appointment but where do runners go? I want to run again as soon as possible!

    • says

      I think we’re familiar with how soreness feels. If it feels worse than that, it may be an injury. If it hurts (versus is uncomfortable) to take steps or jump on it – I would say it might be an injury. Just be careful and pay attention to your body’s signs.

      • says

        Thanks Monica! It DOES hurt badly with impact now… I went to my doctor today 9she is a runner too!) she referred me to an orthopedic sports doctor I am seeing on Tuesday. It kills me not being able to run and I hope it is not too serious. Can’t wait to get back to training! 😀

  6. Sarah K B says

    I am totally a regular at the coffee shop near my office! It rocks! I went in there yesterday and the barista said “Large americano, extra strong right?” On the outside I was all calm and collected but on the inside I was jumping up and down because I was so happy to finally be a regular somewhere!

  7. says

    Hi Monica! I think you really made the point about blogging conferences and thinking about eating and exercising as a priority to having fun there. And not only at blogging events but everywhere, people think that one day (or one weekend) of fun and treats will run their training schedule, gain 20 pounds and be horrible but all you have to do is take it as it comes, a super nice experience and great time. Don’t let your thoughts ruin it!

  8. says

    Thanks for sharing some tips about breathing when running! I’ve always had trouble balancing breathing through my nose and mouth and actually received training from one of my coaches when I was playing lacrosse competitively- I typically tend to breath only through my mouth. I think the biggest challenge for me was overcoming trying to maintain and focus on the “proper” breathing technique and just let myself breath!

  9. says

    Oh, thanks, Monica. I’m running my first half in 2.5 years on Sunday and then running the Disneyland half the next Sunday. I’m thinking I’ll just use this as an excuse to have my husband massage me–much less expensive and…
    I’m new to your blog and love it. You really inspired me to start one of my own, and I thank you so much for that!

  10. says

    A few years ago my husband and I used to eat at this Mexican restaurant ALL the time and the waiter learned our order so we never had to actually tell them what we wanted. I loved it!

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