Upside Down Eater

Hello! I am running super late today – it’s already 11:20am here in California. Which means it must be 5pm for you guys on the East Coast! Or something like that, I don’t really understand clocks.

I ate a few bites of Ben’s oatmeal before going on an 8 miler. It was hot by the time I started so I ended up doing 7.72 slow and steady.IMG_8143 (800x533)

Then, I ate approximately 43 pounds of watermelon as I made breakfast. It was an egg scramble and toast. One side had cinnamon and sugar, the other was sunflower seed butter.IMG_8121 (800x533)

I’m an upside down eater.

No, not like I get in a head stand to eat…IMG_6066 (800x600)

But, I flip my food so the side with all the good stuff is closest to my tongue. I eat my toast with the nut butter (or cinnamon sugar) side is down.IMG_8142 (800x533)

The same goes for garlic bread, pizza and flipping the spoon towards my tongue with fro-yo. IMG_8133 (800x533)

Anyone else an upside down eater?


  1. says

    I used to do that all the time with Frosted Mini Wheats. I figured my tongue had all the taste buds and really, the frosting part was the only reason why I ate them anyhow so I wanted to take full advantage.

  2. Megan S. says

    I can be that way too! Especially when it comes to something that’s one sided, like frosted mini-wheats! Why wouldn’t you put it closer to your toungue? That’s where the taste buds are!

  3. says

    YES!!!! i am an upside down eater too!! i eat saltines, salt side down, graham crackers, sugar side down, etc. i thought i was the only one! i have other weird eating habits too LOL! NICE distance today!

  4. says

    haha Too funny… I don’t think I have ever noticed anyone eating like that…. but I completely understand your logic! I eat things in order… so like with pizza I eat the toppings, then the cheese, then the crust with a little more cheese and always end up leaving the bottom scrap haha so weird… with egg scrambles/omelettes, I eat the veggies first, then the cheese then the eggs.. it makes the whole eating experience last longer 😉

  5. says

    Omg, my little brother and I were eating pizza yesterday when he had the revelation that eating his pizza upside down ‘made more sense that way the cheese touches my tastebuds’. It was hilarious! You guys are smarties. 😉

  6. says

    ive never even heard of that.. is that weird? i feel like toppings would fall off and onto you.. especially with something like pizza! does that ever happen ?!

  7. says

    Haha, I think I already spill enough as a right side-up eater [if there really is such a title?] that if I was an upside-down eater more food would be in my lap than in my mouth! 😛

    Maybe Man vs. Food should start eating his meals upside-down, wonder if he’d have more or less luck during the food competitions? 😀

  8. Angelle Pate says

    Hi Monica,
    I recently started training for my first half marathon and came to the web for motivation. I stumbled across your blog and have truly been motivated by your post! I dont ever comment.. but I thought this was quite funny as I am always teased for doing this same thing by the Hubby…Anyways, Thanks for the motivation<3

  9. says

    How interesting! I never would have even thought to eat my food like that. I am practically OCD about how I eat my food and I actually got a shiver just thinking about doing it that way, lol!

  10. Kat says

    YES. I totally am an upside down eater – especially salads! I dip my fork in the dressing, then load up, then take the bite, making sure the first thing I taste is the dressing. I only end up using about a teaspoon per salad, and I don’t miss any flavor! Only really works with creamier dressings like ranch, though… vinaigrettes are too drippy.

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