Surprise Blood Test


It’s been almost a month since I went to the doctor for the foot herp. The physician’s assistant did a treatment, but it never fully went away. And actually it started to come back. Boo. So, I went back today to see my doctor (who I love!). She said we were going to “burn the sht out of it”. And we did. But, I’ll still need to go back in a week for a follow up. We had time to … [Read more...]

For The Blog


I’m willing to do a a lot of things for RER. For example, I’m willing to set a timer on top of my car and take a picture with a watermelon in the Costco parking lot. Hey -It takes effort to hold a 56 pound melon while ignoring the whispers, “What is that girl doing?! I’m willing to take pictures of the green plums I found at the Farmer’s Market today. They’re ripe and sweet … [Read more...]

Peach Cobbler and Egg Patty Tip


Happy Friday!!! I decided not to run today to keep my legs fresh for tomorrows loooooong run. Last night I was contemplating dessert when I realized the peaches I bought are not sweet, but were going bad. I decided to cook up an impromptu peach cobbler. But since I am not a butcher, baker or candle stick maker I just made it up. 1.  I cut up the peaches and layered them on … [Read more...]