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I’m willing to do a a lot of things for RER. For example, I’m willing to set a timer on top of my car and take a picture with a watermelon in the Costco parking lot. Hey -It takes effort to hold a 56 pound melon while ignoring the whispers, “What is that girl doing?!IMG 8061 800x600 thumb For The Blog

I’m willing to take pictures of the green plums I found at the Farmer’s Market today. IMG 8109 800x600 thumb For The BlogThey’re ripe and sweet too!IMG 8114 800x600 thumb For The BlogEven though the lady next to me said, “You’re taking pictures of it?! Why?”

Me: “Because I have a food blog.”

Lady: “On the internet?”

Me: “Mostly…”IMG 8110 800x600 thumb For The Blog

IMG 8112 800x600 thumb For The Blog IMG 8113 800x600 thumb For The Blog

IMG 8118 800x600 thumb For The Blog

I’m willing to restrain myself from eating all 6 plums I bought at the FM in one go so I could change up my fruit consumption. Yes, for RER my “all watermelon all the time” habits will have a plum thrown in for good measure.IMG 8120 800x600 thumb For The Blog

I’m willing to take pictures of myself post-Zumba while driving so it feels like we saw each other today. Who needs “safety first”? I say – friends first!IMG 8125 600x800 thumb For The Blog

But, apparently I’m not willing to reheat my leftovers on another plate. Nope. washing one more dish would kill me.IMG 8127 800x600 thumb For The Blog

I’m also not willing to stop my myself in the middle of a bowl of PB Puffins to take a picture. And those were even in a clean bowl!

But I am willing to make myself late for my doctor’s appointment to post this though. Says something about my priorities I guess…


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    Random question, speaking of a doctor’s appointment (not asking if your pregnant, don’t worry)- what ever happened to thing stuck in your foot? I may have missed that post, but for some reason am oddly interested…

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    Green plums are so good! I haven’t found any good ones. Trader Joe’s had awesome plums last week, and pluots are my new favorite thing at the moment.

    Also, I am trying to master the art of one dish cooking because I absolutely HATE cleaning extra dishes! Anything to cut back is a-okay by me!

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    LOLOLOL! Now that I’m a blogger, I get the same stares when I’m taking pictures of random things, like my food. I also feel like people have the tendency of thinking I have a “big head” for the constant pictures of myself. But hey, that’s what being a blogger is all about. What fun would it be if you didn’t post goofy-faced pictures of yourself?! Entertainment, people! :D I love your blog dear, keep being amazing!

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    I’ve had multiple people stop and ask me why I’m taking pictures of _____ or give me weird looks… Oh well, we can’t always make friends wherever we go :P

    P.S. Have you tried a plumot- I had two today [first time trying them] and wish I bought a dozen!

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