The Whole Chipotle


We had plans to go to my mom’s this afternoon so I grabbed lunch on the way. My body was very clear that it needed Whole Foods and who am I to second guess the craving?! I got my favorite detox juice, but they mixed the wheat grass in so it wasn’t very good. I normally like to just take the shot and get it over with. The grass inside gave it an earthy taste the whole time. I … [Read more...]

Some Girls Want Flowers, I Want Ice


Happy Saturday! Before I forget, last night I made an awesome fruit salad with plums, watermelon, naners and pineapple cottage cheese. Oh, and lots of Puffins. I was carb loading, always am really I set my alarm for 5:16am to try and get running before it got too hot. I’m in Southern California and we’ve had a really mild summer (hasn’t even got above 95), but the heat is … [Read more...]