The Whole Chipotle

We had plans to go to my mom’s this afternoon so I grabbed lunch on the way. My body was very clear that it needed Whole Foods and who am I to second guess the craving?!IMG_8174 (600x800)

I got my favorite detox juice, but they mixed the wheat grass in so it wasn’t very good. I normally like to just take the shot and get it over with. The grass inside gave it an earthy taste the whole time.IMG_8173 (600x800)

I ate my whole foods hot bar bucket on the way (Ben drove). It was amazing (as it should be for 58 dollars worth of mac n cheese and polenta).IMG_8178 (600x800)

I took a 30 minute nap at my mom’s. Whenever I take a nap I wake up with super low blood sugar and immediately head for the kitchen where I grab food in a cloudy state. Does this happen to anyone else?!

I polished off her mint n’ chip with a vitatop and granola. IMG_8180 (800x600)Then, my mom and I went to see The Help while the boys watched Planet of the Apes or something.

We snuck in snacks and shared popcorn. Just like I like it.

My mom treated us to Chipotle after the movie. Matt (my little brother), Ben and I were super excited about it! We don’t get out much.IMG_8181 (800x600)

I got a burrito salad with chicken and extra guacamole. IMG_8184 (800x600)

While I was at my mom’s I put this picture of my imaginary boyfriend Bob Harper, on my her fridge. Ben doesn’t want to be reminded of my fantasy life on our own fridge. Too bad he’d rather live a lie Winking smileIMG_8188 (600x800)

I got this autographed picture when I first met him at Blogher. You can’t read it it but he wrote me a whole love poem in tiny writing. At least that’s what I tell myself as I stare into his oatmeal eating eyes…

I’m going to the  Zumba certification workshop all day tomorrow! I’ve got to get some sleep. See ya later Smile


  1. says

    Yes, It happens to me! everytime I have a nap i wake up FAMISHED! even if I fell asleep due to a food coma :) must have some overactive bodies that keep going while we sleep or something…
    Speaking of dreams! You where in my dream last night and I cant remember in what context but I sure that was watermelon involved!

  2. says

    Wheat grass in my juice was a mistake I made only once to know that I do not like it in there. It ruined the whole drink. Chipotle guac is amazing!

  3. The Balanced Bean says

    I ALWAYS wake up from naps starving…even if I ate right before and even if its only a short nap! Its pretty frustrating.

  4. says

    I witnessed the connection between you and Bob. I was a little jealous.

    That low blood sugar nap thing definitely happens to me. ALL THE TIME! Thought I was a weird hungry bear.

    Extra guacamole? I knew I liked you. P.S. Did you nix the foodbuzz fest idea? Or are you going?

  5. Pam says

    LOVE Chipotle! You reminded me that I haven’t been there in awhile! Time for us to get reacquainted. :)

    LOVED the “Help!!” Soo good! I think I choked up 3x. Walked out of the theater with a lump in my throat! Great acting!

    BTW great job on your 20 miler girlfriend! and sunflower seed butter is now a staple in my pantry! That and soy chorizo! Thanks! :)

  6. says

    Well, it’s a good thing, I guess, that I’m a horrible napper because I don’t need any excuses to eat more frequently. I loved the book The Help and have heard the movie lives up to it.

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