Zumba Certification


I got my Zumba Certification today! Getting Zumba certified is a lot different from getting the personal training certification. It’s a lot easier book learning wise, but a lot harder sweat wise! There are many different kinds of Zumba – Basic, Gold, Toning, Aqua and Kids. You have to start with Basic. It’s an all day training led by one of the master instructors. My … [Read more...]

Zumba Fuel


Yesterday on my long run I had a weird neck spasm thing. It started bothering me last night so I put a hot pad on it. And I’m headed off to my Zumba certification workshop so I just took some Ibuprofen. But, does anyone have any other suggestions? Ben and I woke up a little after 5am for some reason and tossed and turned until we decided to just get up. I don’t have to be at … [Read more...]