Zumba Certification

I got my Zumba Certification today!


Getting Zumba certified is a lot different from getting the personal training certification. It’s a lot easier book learning wise, but a lot harder sweat wise!

There are many different kinds of Zumba – Basic, Gold, Toning, Aqua and Kids. You have to start with Basic. It’s an all day training led by one of the master instructors. My instructor was Gina Grant. She’s famous and beautiful and tiny. Loved her energy and dance skills!

IMG_8207 (600x800)

IMG_8208 (800x600)

The day started with registration and paperwork. The process was painless and went quickly.IMG_8190 (800x600)IMG_8192 (800x600)

After an introduction we did the Master dance class. It was the most amazing Zumba class I’ve ever taken. Gina is an amazing teacher. The choreography was fun, but easy to follow. And her energy was through the roof! IMG_8191 (800x600)

Then, she gave us a very short break to change out of sweaty clothes (if we wanted). The second part was lecture. I grabbed some snacks from my bag and a drink. I had heard that I should pack a lot of snacks, which is why I brought my suitcase o’ food. But, this was the only break we got. Gina means business! IMG_8196 (800x600)IMG_8199 (800x600)

We learned about a few different kinds of dances and did some “hands on” learning until lunch. She would talk about a dance type and then we would get up, review it and do a few songs with it. IMG_8201 (800x600)

IMG_8202 (800x600)

Even though I packed food, I went home for lunch. We only had 40 minutes so I had to rush! I decided to go home because my neck was still hurting and I needed more Ibuprofen.IMG_8204 (800x600)

After lunch we hit the books manual again. IMG_8206 (800x600)

Things we covered:

  • Beto and the history of Zumba
  • Warm Ups
  • Cueing classes
  • Choreography
  • Music
  • Modifications

We ended the day with more dancing. You could tell everyone was exhausted at this point. Some people even walked out to take a break. I’m really surprised I held up so well considering I ran 20 miles yesterday!

After class I went to the store next to the gym and completely bought the place out. In my impulse stash: trail mix from the bulk bins, granola, grapes and roasted garlic loaf!IMG_8216 (600x800)

Bread bigger than my head. But, just the right size for my belly. I ate a lot on the way home (and it was only 2 minutes away).IMG_8217 (600x800)

Now I have the Zumba certification, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Gina said (and I knew from my PT experience) that we need to practice, choreograph, learn more and get better. I don’t feel confident enough to apply for jobs yet, but I’m going to work on it by taking more classes and reviewing all the materials until I feel better. Zumba jobs are very competitive around here and require an audition so it will be a while before I move forward with it.

If you want information on Zumba you can go here.

Ben said he’s going to rub my next, so I’ll see you tomorrow Smile


  1. says

    Yay!!! Congrats! You should consider applying at colleges! I love my group fitness program and the people that come are not super hardcore gym goers and just wanna have fun! Wayy less intimidating!

  2. says

    Yay for the pretty new cert you have! Good luck with your practicing!

    I am probably the least coordinated person on the planet and did not enjoy my first attempt at Zumba but some many people rave about it – it must be a blast if you have coordination and rythmn! 😉

      • says

        I wish! I know I’d be a great teacher (I was captain of my dance team and LOVED leading new routines) BUT I work like a 60 hour a week job with an inconsistent schedule and lots of out-of-state travel on a moment’s notice so it won’t work :( i have to accept it, maybe later I can do it! Good luck finding classes, you’ll be great :)

  3. says

    Congrats girl! Im glad you got your Zumba certification!

    I know when you do feel more comfortable and learn more, you will be a awesome teacher!

  4. says

    Hey girl! I almost went to that session! I own a gym around the corner from crunch! I’ve been teaching zumba for over a year now, but love gina’s classes so much I was going to go anyways.

    I am looking for an extra instructor though for my place because I am getting overwhelmed.

    Email me or find me on facebook :)

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    -Katrina McLellan

  5. says

    I think being a Zumba instructor would be so much fun! I don’t go to the classes because I dance at home like all the time and consider ones like pump/step/yoga more effective, but group dancing is hella fun. Congrats on your certification!

  6. says

    That’s so awesome! Congratulations!! I’ve been wanting to get my Zumba cert..but am kind of nervous. I love, love Zumba but I’m not sure if I exactly have the dance skills to go through with it..

    Good to know what goes on during the training, though! I went to a Les Mills master class the other week and it ROCKED!

  7. says

    Congratulations, Monica!
    I really want to take another Zumba class…I only took it once, but the instructor was super creepy and kept grinding up on the rest of the people in class. She was not exactly my cup of tea.
    They didn’t do that in training, did they? 😉

  8. Jill says

    Congrats on the certification. I’m sure it will be fun to take a variety of classes now and see them through the eyes of a trainer.

    I love Zumba classes with a good teacher but got put off after taking a few classes with a not-so-good teacher. Hope you’re going to be the good kind.

    • says

      That isn’t my work, but it was under a mile away. I didn’t walk because I had 2 large bags and a suitcase of food. Plus, I ran 20 miles the day before and really needed to save my legs for the class. Under other circumstances I would have walked :)

      • zoe says

        that makes sense :) I was just giving you a hard time.

        Also, I’m your age, but when I was in college my roommates and I **seriously** investigated getting a fro-yo machine installed in our house. Does that rival my love for yogurtland with yours?

  9. says

    Congrats!! I have a friend who is begging me to go to a Zumba class with her but I literally cannot dance. Maybe I’ll give a try and hide in the back. :)

  10. says

    I wish my gym had a classroom that big! The group class room is sooo tiny and you have to sign up in advance in order to get a spot in any particular class. So much of a pain that I have yet to even try. Every time I go when a class is occurring it is PACKED full.

    Congrats on the certification! I hope you can find a job teaching when you are ready :)

  11. Laura says

    Congratulations! Getting certify to teach zumba is one of the things I want to accomplish in the next year! Thank you for your post.

  12. says

    Congrats on getting your certification! I’ve only gone to one zumba class but I felt so awkward- aka I’m the “whitest white girl” and have 0 rhythm! IDK if I’d do it again [would need some convincing] but I want to try aqua zumba!

  13. says

    Congrats! I tried Zumba for the first time a couple of weekends ago. Even though I am sure I looked thoroughly confused trying to learn the dance moves (this girl has zero rhythm) I still had fun and would love to do it again .

  14. littleleers says

    Just attended a basic Zumba workshop yesterday. The Instructor was very emphatic that Zumba is not certification, but a license to use the name and if a ZIN member, the Zumba logo as well. Certification is applicable to getting trained to be a Certified Personal trainer or a Certified Group Fitness Instructor (through ISSA, AFAA, or ACE). You can be a Zumba licensed instructor and a certified group fitness instructor. The certified courses require a lot of study of at least two months, a test you must pass, and an all day workshop. Just wanted to clarify.

  15. Nikki says

    I’ve heard that at Zumba cert. you have to come up with some choreography on the spot? I love Zumba so much, but I haven’t any dance experience other than that, and while I think I could come up with choreography given time and practice, the idea of having to come up with some on the spot in front of a room full of awesome Zumba people makes me ill! It’s the only thing holding me back from signing up. =/ Was that a part of the training?

  16. Nichole says

    Hi I know this post is a year old but I was wondering if you got any jobs through your certification because I an interested in becoming an instructor myself. I have a dance background any advice you have would be great! Also you said Zumba instructor positions are competitive where you live. Do you mind if I ask where you live or at least the state? Thanks in advance!

  17. Zumba is me says

    Thanks so much for sharing the experience with us. I just went to a Zumba class the other day and had a wonderful time with the instructors energy and the music and steps were off the chain. I immediately thought to myself that this is what I am suppose to be teaching. I am 48 years old and so ready to make a difference with my eating and exercise habits so that I can help others. I am more inspired now after reading your experience! I am on my way!!!!!

  18. Rebecca says

    Did you sign up for ZIN, seeing as you don’t teach? I’m getting certified in June this year and wondering if it’s worth it if I’m not going to be getting much income from teaching.
    Also, I’m getting certified at 17, but can I teach straightaway or do I have to wait until I’m 18?

  19. Crystal says

    HI i have an important question
    I attended the zumba basic 1 yesterday and today i looked on my zumba website and i clicked on attended classes and it says nothing and i became a zin member yesterday and nothing on the website? how long do i wait till it shows that i attended the class and get my certificate?

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