Watermelon Cat

Mid-morning I got hungry and dug into the cashew stash. 23 are a serving. I know because I checked after eating 47. cashews

This may be my last diet DP for a while so I thought I’d document it.last dp

I was pretty excited until I realized they filled up the entire cup with ice. It’s hard to tell, but it’s 1 inch below the rim. C’mon!apparently i bit the cup

Reader Jessica sent me the most amazing cat eating watermelon video. So, I pulled into the depths of my soul to bring myself to share my watermelon with Vegas.cat and watermelon

But, he didn’t want it?! WTF is wrong with my cat?cat doesnt like it

I made a salad with a black bean burger and chicken for lunch. Peanut dressing per usual.IMG_8391 (800x533)

And dessert – Luna Chocolate Peppermint Stick bar!IMG_8394 (800x533)

I died when I saw this video. Died. So yeah, I’m blogging from Heaven (at least I hope this is Heaven!).I considered throwing Vegas out in exchange for this kitty. Then, I realized it’s better if he doesn’t like watermelon. More For Me Winking smile


  1. Susan says

    do you ask for “easy ice?” i always do…i actually ask for “very easy ice” otherwise the whole cup is just ice…what am i paying for??

  2. Sarah says

    My pug loves watermelon too. She’s little so I have to break it up into tiny pieces for her, and she gets impatient and attacks me to get at that watermelon faster. I should send you a video. You’d die.

  3. says

    I’m dangerous around cashews. And dry roasted peanuts. especially with sea salt. So so good.

    I need to film my dog being bossy when I break out the watermelon. It’s quite funny to see this peaceful golden lose his bananas for it!

  4. says

    Omg that cat is fluffy to the max! Im so checking to see if my cat will eat watermelon… When I pick one up of course. My mom actually had a stray watermelon plant start growing in her compost pile. Me=excited about that! There is a baby melon growing so far.

  5. says

    Cute video! Be glad your cat didn’t like it. We can’t have watermelon or apples at our house unless we put the dog outside. He literally freaks out he wants it so bad!!

  6. says

    Cats are hilarious! I had them all the time growing up (always named after food) and I always tried feeding them my fruits and veggies before I realized that I actually liked them. One of my cats really loved peas, but because they were mushy, they’d end up on his lips and he’d sit for like half an hour trying to get that stuff off. Gotta love ’em.

  7. says

    That cat has the same coloring as Vegas! At least you know you don’t have to share 😉 Very generous of you to offer the watermelon to Vegas though.

    The chocolate peppermint stick luna bars are the bomb and remind me of Christmas which is 4 months away!!

  8. says

    OMG this is too funny because our dog HATES watermelon. He’ll eat just about anything expect for watermelon. We even tried to give him a piece tonight and he gagged. So funny! Maybe it’s a texture thing?

  9. Kate says

    What kind of peanut dressing do you use? I bought peanut sauce from whole paycheck in your honor and it just isn’t doing the trick, not nearly peanutty (yes that’s a word) enough!

  10. Rachel says

    my kitten loves watermelon!! I was cutting one up last week and stopped to pick up a phone call – when i returned my little kitty was sitting on top of the watermelon half just munching away!! He made quite a dent in it, i was so proud of my little bugger! haha

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