Come to Mama…Chia


I had  a full afternoon schedule and wanted a lasting snack before I left. So, I made a big protein smoothie and topped it with cereal. I could eat this three times a day and sometimes do.Oh, and this is my other new bowl! Love it because there is a flower printed on the bottom so I’m not as sad when all the food is gone and I’m left with a sad empty bowl. When I got home I … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican #16 and The Usual


Even though I had breakfast late this morning I was ready for lunch around my normal lunch time. It was the usual. Do you ever wish you were a regular at a coffee shop and Frannie the waitress  with the raspy voices says, “Morning Monica, the usual?” when you walk in? No just me? Oh, okay... I did change it up with these new-to-me chips though! They are a 99 Cent Store … [Read more...]

Upside Down Eater


Hello! I am running super late today – it’s already 11:20am here in California. Which means it must be 5pm for you guys on the East Coast! Or something like that, I don’t really understand clocks. I ate a few bites of Ben’s oatmeal before going on an 8 miler. It was hot by the time I started so I ended up doing 7.72 slow and steady. Then, I ate approximately 43 pounds of … [Read more...]

Headed for Divorce


There are a lot of reasons why Ben should leave me… I blogged on our honeymoon (and here and here) I watch all the reality TV he hates I eat all the watermelon and never share any with him I consume more fiber than any one girl should But the thing that irks him the most is my collection of plates. I have TONS of plates that don’t stack up right because they’re … [Read more...]

Big Fat Liar


I had to go to the DMV for a new license today. Luckily, I made an appointment so it wasn’t too painful. Unluckily, I didn’t realize I was going to be asked, “How much do you weigh now?” Um, I guess it is obvious I lied was optimistic that last time? Busted! I upped it a bit closer to the true number, but let’s just say my optimism isn’t completely dead I came home for a big … [Read more...]

Spinning a year later


I had a 7am client this morning and since I decided to take an extra day off of running this week, I had time for the 6am Spinning class. Thanks to the blog I can go back in time to see that I haven’t taken Spinning since March 2010 when I was living in Maryland! Crazy. I had to figure out how to adjust the bike again. I was a totally newbie. When I got there the class only … [Read more...]

Watermelons and Looking Familiar


This afternoon I hit up Costco for some essentials. Ben has been eating big ol’ salads for lunch too so we’re going though hearts of romaine like it’s watermelon water. Random note: A guy in line thought I looked familiar and said he knew me. That actually happens fairly often. I suspect it’s because I have red hair. Like someone remembers that so-and-so’s … [Read more...]

Adora Dessert


I had a busy morning at the gym! I got in a very short strength session, but one of my clients came in early and wanted to knock it out so I went with it. Then, we had a team meeting at noon. I had to pick up a few things from TJ’s after work and ended up with a new jar of Sunflower Seed Butter. I tried to hold off for a week or two since I was going through it so fast! I … [Read more...]

Change of (Workout) Plan


Good Morning! I had 8 miles on my training plan today, but realized I haven’t taken a 100% day off from running since Thursday. So, I’m adjusting my schedule. I ended up doing 4 miles today: And completely changed my plan for the rest of the week. Monday: Easy 5 Tuesday: 4 miles and Strength Wednesday: Spin, Abs Thursday: 8 mile tempo Friday: Strength and a … [Read more...]

It’s What’s On the Inside


I have been trying to catch up on emails all day! Still working on it if I owe you one I picked up a few Manager’s Specials at the store earlier – a package of asparagus stir fry and lean turkey burgers. Since I had no idea what to make for dinner I decided to just combine the two. I diced up the turkey patties and cooked it up with the veggies plus seasoning. When it was … [Read more...]

Questions about Blogging Conferences


I only had one 11am client this morning so after that I headed to the store to stock up on food. Apparently, Ben did some grocery shopping this weekend, but it consisted of Skittles, Bacon, Fiber One Bars and Juice Beer. I’m not lying. And apparently he thinks we keep the Skittles supply on the nut butter shelf. Wonder what snacks he was cooking up while I was gone?! I was … [Read more...]

Late Night Curly Fries


Hello! I’m back safe and sound in Southern California   It was a long day of traveling yesterday, but went a lot smoother than many of the other HLS peeps travels. I had another layover in Dallas and had an hour to explore. I really love the Dallas airport! Is that weird? Yes. During my exploration I bought a cookie to keep me company This sucker was big so I only … [Read more...]

In West Philadelphia Fun and Braids


Wow! This weekend was a whirlwind! I had such a blast!!! I think I was so nervous about my presentation that I forgot it was all about fun and friends too This morning Katy and I got up bright and early (literally we woke up at the same second when the sun peeked in) and went for a run/walk to explore Philadelphia. I have been to Philly once before for the New Harvest event, … [Read more...]

Healthy Living Summit Blogger Safety Presentation


I feel like I’ve been MIA all day! But blogging conferences are very overwhelming so I really focused on being present and enjoying it today. I especially was present (read: pushed to the front of the line) for lunch! This was the best conference lunch I’ve had yet! I got a big salad and roasted vegetable sandwich. The tofu was out by the time I got there or I would have … [Read more...]

Carrots N Cake Boob Signing


Despite only 3 hours of sleep I got up bright and early for a 13.something miler with Tina and Bonnie. It was kinda brutal, but we did it! It really helped that Tina was running, she’s a fun running buddy. Happy to cross another state off my “run in every state” list! We ran together in Baltimore in May. In Massachusetts in April and for a few miles of her marathon in … [Read more...]

Apologies To My HLS Roommate


Hello from Philadelphia! I’m at the Healthy Living Summit and wanted to take this time to apologize to Katy my roommate for the following… Sorry, I will be super late to the first events because I’ll be coming in from California. You know, after a very important layover in Dallas. Important because of the DD iced coffee of course!   The Dallas airport was great! It … [Read more...]