Give Yourself a Little Credit Before Goal


After my short shift this morning I headed towards my old neighborhood to see my doctor. My foot issue is ongoing and I need it taken care of before the marathon! I had an AMAZING honeycrisp apple and a vitawater on the way. I hit up the doctor and the bank before stopping by my mom’s. If you’ve read the blog since it started sucked you might remember I lived here most of … [Read more...]

Feeling Sick Friday


Hello! Happy Friday? Actually I woke up at 4:50am with a scratchy throat and couldn’t go back to sleep. Randomly, I also woke up really hungry. I drank some coffee, ate half a banana and stalled on twitter until about 6am before I went for a run. Yes, I look sick too. My eyebrow skin is still red and swollen. Ben still insists it just looks like I have red eye shadow on. … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday…


1. The apple crisp from last night is half gone. Technically, the crust and baked topping is 3/4ths gone. There’s plenty of apple left if you want it… 2. I like frozen meals. I’m sure that’s against some kinda food blogger rule. I would check the blogger book, but I don’t care. Maybe I’ll get myself out of the blogger dog house by plating it all civilized like. 3. I don’t … [Read more...]

Wish-bone Salad Dressing Giveaway


Today is national (iced) coffee day! Since Dunkin Donuts still hasn’t made it to California, I have to settle for homemade stuff. But, I would like to made this a formal invitation to DD to open a location in Irvine,CA asap. P.S. Florida DD, I’ll see you soon! My gym has a spa and I have major uni-brow so I peeked in to see if they had an opening for a quick wax. (source) … [Read more...]

Rainbow Bright Runner


This morning I changed into my running gear while Ben was in the bathroom. When he came out he said, “WOW! That is a bright shirt!!” And I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it as a compliment. Funny thing is, I want to wear this shirt for my marathon – it’s my new favorite! I guess you can call me Run-bow Bright!(source) Fun Flashback: When I was about 4 years old my ballet class … [Read more...]

Girl Falls In Race–Inspirational Video


How’s it going?! I picked up this pumpkin yogurt at Target today and pumped it up for a snack with cereal and an extra scoop of pumpkin. It’s good (for regular yogurt). After work I hit up Road Runner Sports for my much needed shoes. But, after all my back and forth with finally buying them – they didn’t have my size. Luckily, the store was able to order the old version for a … [Read more...]

Running Races with Pacers


Hello! How’s your Wednesday going?! I only have one afternoon client so my day has been quiet after this morning’s work and 2 breakfasts   I am totally a morning person though and love the morning shift. I actually feel better all day when I’m up and at ‘em early! I missed my lunch salad bucket yesterday when I forgot to pick up Rebecca romaine. So, I made a special … [Read more...]

10 am Hunger


Happy Wednesday! I had a 7am client this morning so I made a super quick breakfast. I ate this egg sandwich (with jelly and ketchup) at 6:30am. In between my 7am and 9am clients I planned on doing a quick wardrobe change and run. It was supposed to be 4 miles, but you can see by the “8:55” on my watch that I didn’t have enough time for more! Side note: I only wear a ‘regular’ … [Read more...]

PB&J French Toast Recipe


I had clients from 4pm to 8pm tonight. So I needed a snack that was going to stick with me through my normal dinner time. I was craving something sweet, but also eggs (random) and decided to combine the two. I made PB&J French Toast! I feel like I’ve made this before, but here’s the step by step in case you’re into food porn tutorials these days. Start with a regular … [Read more...]

Trader Joe’s Must Haves


After I shared my Costco Must Haves I got more emails saying, “Yeah, appreciate your obsession with buckets of hummus but, What are Trader Joes?!” So, after kickboxing I fueled up with an apple and headed to TJ’s to give ya the scoop. 1. Salad Dressing. They have a lot of great options, but I am obsessed with the Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette. 2. Dips, salsa and hummus (if you … [Read more...]

I’m Not Depressed Because of Iced Coffee


I always worry about dumb shit things like whether or not stevia is going to give me cancer and/or iced coffee is bad for me. You’re doing it wrong… Anyways, it turns out – I don’t care! Okay not really. It turns out iced coffee helps prevent depression. This article from Health says Risk of Depression Falls as Coffee Intake Rises. So even if I do end up dying from it, at … [Read more...]

Hot Salad and Going to Panama


My day was pretty chill, I just had one afternoon client and some mild admin work. Mid-afternoon I got hungry out of nowhere and ate a banana with sunflower seed butter while trying to decide what snack I also wanted. <- Tell me you do that too. A smoothie! Why didn’t I realize that 3 minutes ago before I ate the PB naner and toast?! Oh well… Then, I headed off to train … [Read more...]

Johnny Appleseed Day with Ice Cream


Did you know today is Johnny Appleseed Day?! In honor of this prestigious holiday I chomped on an apple. No pic because I was busy eating. I’m going to double the apple love and eat some of my Pumpkin Apple Crisp… with ice cream for dessert tonight! Had some last night and forgot to mention it! Busted. I am about to leave for work and hope it’s not obvious I smudged my eye … [Read more...]

Marathon Training–Taper Time


I have the Marathon Taper Crazies! My marathon is 12 days away, this means by now I’m deep into the taper part of training. This weekend I ran 12 miles and Saturday I’ll run 8 for my last long run of the plan. I’m also running less mid-week. By body is as ready as it’s going to be. There is no point in trying to squeeze in an extra run (or a longer run) now. What’s done is … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Apple Crisp Recipe


How’s your Sunday? I stopped in to work to check my schedule for tomorrow and ended up doing a quick triceps workout because that flab is relentless. I headed to Trader Joes from there, but stopped in at Marshall’s “just because”. I almost screamed when I spotted my old go-to long run running shoes!!! I used to swear by my Asics 2150 until I came upon free shoes a few months … [Read more...]

Surprise, No Surprise


Surprise!!!! The family party I went to yesterday was a surprise party for my aunt’s 60th birthday. Oddly, Ben looks more surprised than her! It’s No Surprise a Mexican party will have amazing Mexican food. I piled my plate high with everything. Rice, macaroni salad, beans, meat, pasta salad and rolls. I went back for seconds of everything :) It was homemade by my cousin - … [Read more...]