Laguna Beach Wine Tasting


Today was so much fun! Normally I avoid any and all social activity on Saturdays because I like to sit on the couch with a bucket of food after a long run (do you blame me?). But, today Ben and I decided to get out and see what goes on in the real world on the weekends. I may not be a rocket scientist, but I’m pretty much a genius for stocking up on lunch when I hit up Whole … [Read more...]

Train To Run–20 Miler


Well here we are again. I did 20 miles last weekend and had 16 on the training plan this Saturday. But we have plans to go out of town next weekend so I switched it to next time. So this weekend was another 20 miler! I need a break. Last night I carb loaded with pizza bagels and tortellini Oh, and of course chocolate! You know, for the sake of the run Then, I climbed into … [Read more...]