Let Me Eat Cake!


This pretty much sums up my day. Cake = Happiness. But let me backtrack, Earlier today I snacked on a fruit salad that I intended to be a whole tupperware full, but oddly disappeared without any leftovers?! Hmmm. These bars are from the HLS swag. I’m bad with bars in that I open up more and than one to “taste” them before deciding which one I want. Then Ben and I headed to … [Read more...]

Mighty Leaf Iced Tea Giveaway


I’m really trying to get my life house in order before the end of 2011. Ben and I have lived here for a year now and there are still some fix-it projects that need attention. Right now I’m eyeing a new ceiling fan, but am not sure if we should just replace it with a “normal” light. Thoughts? At this point I am not even trying to change it up for lunch. This is what I … [Read more...]

Pancakes and Coffee Catch 22


Happy Sunday! Aren’t you glad we still have another day of weekend fun?! I am I rolled out of bed after a dream where a spider was attacking me (!) and went to make coffee.   (nataliedee.com) But, as I was putting the container back into the cupboard I dropped it and spilled everywhere!!! Boo. Apparently I need to be awake to make coffee. But I need coffee to be … [Read more...]