Mighty Leaf Iced Tea Giveaway

I’m really trying to get my life house in order before the end of 2011. Ben and I have lived here for a year now and there are still some fix-it projects that need attention. Right now I’m eyeing a new ceiling fan, but am not sure if we should just replace it with a “normal” light. Thoughts?IMG_8574 (800x600)

At this point I am not even trying to change it up for lunch. This is what I love.IMG_8585 (800x533)

For those that have asked, I eat some kind of carb with lunch every day.  I usually have a piece of bread or crackers while putting lunch together so you never see a picture of it. Today I snacked on half a sesame bagel with that amazing green sauce (the secret ingredients are mayo and crack).IMG_8579 (800x533)

Since I am trying desperately to kick my diet soda obsession I have been searching for other liquid options to chug. I don’t want to become a complete borracha so I’ve tried to stay away from vodka. (At least for the time being.)IMG_8558 (600x800)

Luckily, I love iced tea and Mighty Leaf sent me a big stash of it a few weeks back! IMG_8506 (800x533)

I tried the Sunburst Green Tea today, but the Ginger Peach is also calling my name. IMG_8519 (533x800)

And the Mighty Leaf people want to share the love too! You can win a box of each of the four new iced new teas AND  the Bodum Iced Tea Pitcher! image

I’m sad they didn’t send me that pitcher – I want one too!

If you love iced tea, Leave a Comment with how you enjoy your tea (hot, cold, sweet, spiked…). Contest ends Monday (tomorrow) 10am PST.


  1. says

    I used to hate coffee so I became a tea aficionado. I like just about any tea (except peppermint) served hot or cold. No sugar, though – I really dislike sweet tea. I love drinking iced tea in the summer and hot tea in the winter.

  2. allison says

    When I am off diet soda, which never lasts long, i drink it both hot and cold. Usually in the summer, i make it hot and add a couple of ice cubes and call that “cold”..cold ish….

  3. says

    I feel the same way as you do about ceiling fans. I love what they do but they just look so unattractive! That said, you can find some really nice-looking ceiling fans usually but they tend to be really pricey!

    It totally depends on the weather for me. In the summer, I like to make a big jug of iced green tea by steeping my tea in hot water and then letting it cool. I also have a big glass pitcher that I like to make “sun tea” in. You toss 4-5 tea bags into the pitcher full of water and a few lemon slices and leave it out in the sun for the day so that it steeps naturally. So delicious!

    In the winter, I’m a big fan of loose hot tea that I can tote with me to class. My boyfriend got me an awesome loose tea mug last year and I use it every day when I’m in school!

    PS. I’m from Canada, so if it can’t be shipped to me, feel free to discount my entry. :)

  4. Kate says

    I love hot tea in the winter and iced tea in the summer. Lightly sweetened. Mmm. Haven’t had spiked tea but want to try the twisted tea vodka. Does that count?

  5. Margaret says

    I used to be a huge iced coffee fan with nonfat milk and real sugar but have been off of it for 3 weeks in an attempt to lose those stubborn last 10 lbs. I love vicarously through you instead. :) I’m trying to find an unsweetened iced tea that I’ll like. I’ve never heard of Mighty Leaf. I’m wondering if I can find it in the local Texas grocery stores or if I should head on over to Whole Foods.

  6. Colleen says

    I never start my day without a cup of hot tea. I’m slowly weaning myself off the fake sugar so I’ve really been into light and fruity teas of late.

  7. says

    I love tea! I drink my iced tea unsweetened, and my hot tea sweetened. Right now I’m loving Celestial Seasoning’s True Blueberry strong and over ice.

  8. says

    Hi Monica!! I have been reading your blog for months, but just have been too busy to comment. Actually I’m usually pretty intimated to comment on other peoples blogs and not really sure why.
    Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to me for running, eating right and such!
    I love my iced tea cold and very sweet!!! I hope you have a great Sunday :)

  9. Kellie says

    I went cold turkey on the Diet Coke. I could easily drink a 12pk a day. I drink iced tea (Tejava and lipton cold brew are my favorites) and sparkling water if I want carbonation. I feel much better off the dc and I find that I crave less sweets. Maybe there is a connection?

  10. carmen says

    i love a hot cup of tea! my favorite tea is a japanese tea made with green tea and brown rice. i have at least 2 cups a day!

  11. says

    If I’m home, I’ll make my tea hot (my favorite right now is a green mojito blend) and add a little stevia. If I’m out, and there’s unsweetened iced tea available (especially if it’s fair trade), I’ll snag some of that…and add a little stevia.

  12. Megan S. says

    I was never huge on tea– but now I’ve come to like fruity teas, especially iced ones in the summer, and warm in the winter! I’m also not a huge coffee fan, so it’s another option for me at breakfast time

  13. Caroline S says

    I LOVE cold iced tea, with fresh lemon and mint!!! I also love iced green tea..in fact I’m going to make some right now…

  14. Sara says

    I love iced tea unsweetened and my husband likes it sweet so we always have two containers in the fridge. He says I make make it better so I’m always making it! Hmmm…

  15. Kathryn says

    I love love love iced tea! (and go through hot tea phases). These look amazing!!!

    -in terms of the fan I would keep a ceiling fan…unless you never use it..and then I would just get a light :)

  16. Chelsea says

    I love all forms of tea, so it just depends on the season. In the summer it’s cold, the rest of the year it’s hot…although I do tend to drink more in the cooler months :)

  17. Catherine says

    Love iced tea – when I am lazy, love the $1.00 large McDonald’s unsweetened ice tea with two packs of splenda. But hate the Wendy’s $1.00 large – weird. I guess I am picky with my cheap fast food ice tea.

  18. Rebecca says

    i SOOO want to win this giveaway! my bf and i both drink iced tea every morning and it is so hard to find cold brew tea packets! ideally we would brew a big pitcher at the beginning of every week and bring it to work but i can’t find them in stores :( i guess i should order these if i dont win, it’s worth it to save the $2/day from dunkin donuts!

  19. says

    I love all kinds of tea, both hot and cold, hold the sugar since I can’t stand Sweet Tea. Although during winter my favorite warm drink is a Mocha Chai. Concentrated Chai tea, milk, and a spoonful of Drinking Chocolate Mix.

  20. Christine says

    Love your blog — look forward to your posts everyday!

    I have always loved unsweetened iced tea and try to brew it at home when possible. My husband is also trying to cut out diet soda which is great, only problem is now we go through twice as much iced tea ;).

  21. Gudbjorg says

    I love my tea cold with a lot of lemon….aahh! when you live in Georgia, it’s not possible to drink hot tea. Ill sweat to death :)

  22. Adria biasi says

    I love all tea and of course spiked but on a day to basis I like it hot in morning and iced in afternoon and hot again at in the evening

  23. Christy says

    I love any and all iced tea as long as it’s before 3:00 p.m. This has become my bewitching hour. Any caffine after that point and I’m up for the night. Since I am an early morning riser/exerciser this has become a real problem : (

  24. Amanda G. says

    I love iced tea, any kind! Although I do like hot tea in the fall and winter as well. Any any spiked tea is good, hot or cold…haha.

  25. Lindsay says

    Hot tea in the winter months is perfect to stay warm and cozy. But I can’t deny my love for flavored cold teas in the warm months too! A toss up!

  26. Karen says

    I’m usually a plain jane and go for my tea iced and unsweetened but on a special occasion, Diet Snapple Peach Iced Tea, yum!

  27. Monica says

    I say KEEP THE FAN!!

    I also had to kick a diet soda habit … it was hard, but I found some awesome replacements. I <3 the burn and the fizz that comes with soda, so I needed something with bubbles. SO, I became a seltzer fanatic! And when seltzer just isn't enough, I add a splash of juice or tea or some kind of flavoring to it. It usually does the trick.

  28. says

    Long time lurker, first time commenter. Iced tea will always bring me out of my shell! :)

    I prefer my iced tea green and plain, with a twist of lemon. And my hot tea black, with a splash of milk and a twist of lemon (but if you don’t get the proportions right it curdles, so it’s hard!). Either way, it’s tea every day in this house!

  29. Erica Rose says

    I love me some iced green tea w/ a bit of stevia and a splash of cold vanilla soy milk. But I also love fruity teas served hot, so I guess it just depends on the weather.

  30. Isabel says

    I *heart* iced tea! I am from Texas so in my family it’s all about tea for lunch and dinner! When I was little, I loved it when my mom would make ‘sun’ tea (put water and tea bags in a gallon glass container and leave it outside for the sun to heat the water). I do like iced green tea *yum* and I learned how to do a copycat version of the Passion Tea from Starbucks! mmmmm

  31. Ali says

    I love hot flavored teas like coconut chai or vanilla rooibos with almond milk, but my husband drinks iced tea every day and would love this pitcher!

  32. Nicole says

    I love iced tea in the summer and hot tea in fall and winter. I have tons of tea and always love trying new flavors! :)

  33. Nan says

    I LOVE tea! I drink a cup or two hot every single morning, and usually make another glass of hot or iced later on in the day. I always drink it plain and unsweetened – except for chai, which I always have to add a splash of milk to!

  34. Kalena says

    Mhmm tea>coffee any day!
    When I lived down south sweet tea was my fav!
    Now it depends on my mood, iced tea in the summer, green tea when I wake up, peppermint if I’m sick. And black teas simply must be white & loaded with sugar:)

  35. Emily says

    oh my goodness i LOVE ICED TEA. much like you, i quit drinking soda maybe four years ago, but mainly because it upset my stomach. iced tea has become my crack drink and i love any flavor, but i’m going to have to say WAWA RASPBERRY ICED TEA is bomb. (Wawa is a convenience store chain in the tri-state area in case you have no idea what i’m talking about. and yes, i like my tea ghetto.)

  36. Kelly says

    I love my tea hot and black. My favorite is any green tea or peppermint. I’ve been trying lots of new flavors lately like mango green tea.

  37. Pam says

    I rarely had kool-aid as a kid. We drank iced tea in the summer and hot tea all year around. I love blueberry white tea with a packet of Splenda.

  38. says

    Just found your through your guest post on Janae’s blog… I am ver interested in the exercises you were prescribed for your runner’s knee.

    I love iced tea…. love to pour strong hot tea over ice.. mmmm

    But in cooler, wet weather, hot tea is very comforting.

    Nice giveaway… I am a follower now.

  39. says

    I drink tea every day! With breakfast. I make 2 pitchers to keep in the fridge. I use regular plain tea, boil water, let it steep overnight and then mix with water and Put in fridge. No sugar added. Very crisp and refreshing.

  40. Linda says

    I also found you through Janae’s blog. And I say perfect timing because I do love sweet iced tea! And pitchers.

    Also, mu husband and I have lived in our house for seven years and there are still things that need done. (Maybe it would just be easier to move?)

  41. says

    I love all sorts of tea all sorts of ways, but iced is probably my favorite. Preferably with about a pound and a half of sweetener in it. You know how people are supposed to be 80% water? I like to joke that I’m 80% aspartame. True story.

  42. says

    Do NOT get rid of the Fan! I know that some people might not want to replace a fan, but in terms of resale value, Fans are often preferred by purchasers as it allows you to keep the air off a little more! 😀

  43. Kristina says

    I enjoy tea year round. My favorite is sun tea lightly sweetened. Yu have a great give away and I need a new tea pitcher mine just cracked a couple days ago.

  44. Jess says

    This is my first time reading your blog! I have spent the past 3 hours reading! I love it and can’t wait to read more! Thanks for being a inspiration and showing that you can eat healthy but still induldge! Also for the tea challenge – I like hot tea and iced teas just depends on the temps in MN! I prefer unsweetened but will have sweet tea as a treat on a really warm day!

  45. says

    Mmm I love hot English breakfast tea in the mornings, but during the day I’ll drink hot or iced tea. I’m not a soda drinker and I don’t like water, so tea is my constant companion in any form I can get it!

  46. Christina says

    I think it depends on the season for me. I love peach iced tea in the summer and hot vanilla chai spiced tea in the winter.

  47. kathleen says

    ice, ice, ice! Loooove a chilled cup with a squeeze of something citrus to bring the tea to life! :) also love bodum and love running too!!

  48. says

    I like my tea HOT and BEIGE (ie loads of cream and sugar in there), sitting alongside some sort of pie, or cake…or pancakes. Hey, I won’t discriminate with my baked goods!

  49. Megan says

    I like my tea best hot. Had a cup of echinacea yesterday before the best wedding iveever been to, and will have to chug throat coat all day today so I can speak at work tomorrow!

  50. Karen says

    I’m a southern girl so I love my iced tea super sweet. But, when I drink hot tea (green and white peach) I love adding just a little bit of raw honey.

  51. Elizabeth says

    I am obsessed with tea!! I am drinking some right now!! I love black, green, oolong all of them!! Iced is my favorite with a little honey.. YUMMY!!

  52. says

    i might be too late…but i love my tea hot or iced — but never sweet. and my favorite is mighty leaf vanilla bean. to die for. perhaps literally.

  53. Jen says

    Monica! I obsessively read your blog every (multiple times) day. I am always nervous to post bc I am afraid that I will say something stupid haha. BUT this giveaway is too good not to respond to! I am definitely a massive tea addict. I drink it ALL DAY at work! My favorite is mixing teas (like combining passion, lemon ginger, and green) or drinking it ice cold with lots of fresh squeezed lemon and/or fresh mint leaves! It’s so refreshing and simultaneously keeps me feeling alert and prevents me from mindlessly munching!

  54. Taylor Morris says

    Summer is defined by ice cold black tea! There’s nothing better than sitting outside on a patio with an iced tea!

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