Labor Day 2011


Today was all about fun stuff. I spent a lot of time catching up on my Google Reader and good food Today’s bread of choice was plain ol’ toasted wheat with butta. What they don’t tell you is reading blogs (especially food blogs!) makes you hungry. So, I made a big fruit salad with cottage cheese and cereal to cuddle with. I did end up ‘cheating’ on my self indulgent day by … [Read more...]

Shopping Spree


Happy Holiday Monday!!! Today is a super fun day for me since I don’t work and declared to Ben, “I’m doing nothing but indulgent bullsht on Monday.”  So I started my day my favorite way, with a run. 5 miles done and done. Then, I came home and made breakfast. I wanted salty and sweet so I made an open faced egg sandwich and toast with the jam. Lots of iced coffee too! … [Read more...]