Crockpot Calabasitas

Mid-afternoon I had a smoothie bowl with some cereal. I eat these a lot as you may have noticed from this lil’ ol site.  IMG_8734 (800x600)

This pack of Zucchini Squash randomly caught my eye at TJ’s yesterday. I had a specific recipe in mind, but changed plans to use the crockpot. IMG_8801 (800x533)

Growing up my mom would make Calabasitas – a traditional Mexican dish with zucchini squash cooked in spices. I never ate it as a kid, but as an adult I love it!

Today I made Crockpot Calabasitas with Chicken. calabasitas

I put a layer of seasoned chicken breasts on the bottom of the crockpot. On top I poured chopped onions and zucchini.IMG_8806 (800x533)

Then, I poured on a jar of chili verde and salt.IMG_8809 (800x533)

Cooked on low for 6 hours (could have probably done less).IMG_8815 (800x533)

I also picked up these handmade whole wheat tortillas from TJ’s. They are thick and doughy and wonderful. Buy some. Do it do it. IMG_8831 (800x533)

I served up the Calabasitas (or Carlos Vasitas as Ben calls this dish) with beans, pico de gallo and warm tortillas.IMG_8842 (800x533)

Rip off a piece of doughy tortilla, pick up some chicken and dip it into the beans. Devour.IMG_8844 (800x533)

It’s a thousand degrees in my condo! I’m tracking down some ice cream before I melt!!


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    I love any and all form of calabaza. I usually just make mine with lots of onion, garlic, tomato sauce and some corn kernels (sorta like this, with the cheese added of course).

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    It’s like Meatless Mexican Monday….except with meat, because…oh wait, it’s Tuesday! This looks really tasty. I keep hearing from friends and bloggers (and friends that are bloggers) that I need to get a crockpot because it will be the best purchase I ever made. Thoughts?

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    Trader Joe’s also makes what they call whole GRAIN tortillas (still mostly whole wheat but also have oats- they’re 100% whole grain), and they have whole flaxseeds in them which gives them a fantastic chew and they are SUPER DELICIOUS. Though a bit smaller than the kind you used. For me, I get tortilla’d out, so small is good!

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    I love anything that’s made in the crockpot and I love the idea of so much zucchini. I could eat that veggie in everything, raw or cooked. And chile verde? That’s how I can get the hubs to eat veggies since he would drink the stuff out of the bottle if he could.

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