Oreo in a Cupcake


I taped the latest Ask a Monican and it will be up tomorrow. This afternoon I got my hair cut after work. FINALLY! It was looking very scraggly. Plus, I’ve had to trim my own bangs 20 times since my last cut and the hairdresser said something about the last person doing a horrible job. Fantastic. Since it was Ben’s birthday we went out for dinner to celebrate. Between the … [Read more...]

Cupcakes For Eating not for Waiting


How’s your day? I didn’t have to work until 1pm today so I busied myself with blog stuff and cleaning. Before I left I had a big salad with Crockpot Calabasitas and all the Peruvian green sauce my money can buy. <Insert: Mid-morning I had half a random bar and half a tortilla with a few bites of chicken.> After work I ran an errand and stopped by the cupcake place to … [Read more...]

Ben’s Birthday Mamma Chia Giveaway


Today is a very special day and I started it with an 8 mile run. My legs are tired though, so I ignored pace and just knocked out the miles. Then, I came home to make Ben breakfast. It’s his birthday!!! I love this guy more than I thought I would ever love anyone and I can’t believe that he loves me back too. I’m a very lucky girl. So, I wanted to wish Ben a very big, very … [Read more...]