Asian Eggs


I had a full afternoon of appointments so I made sure to fuel up really good before work! Who am I kidding? I fuel up to walk to the car. (I also had half a PB&J because I was hungry wanted it.) I ended up having some time in between appointments and grabbed this random bar from GNC. It wasn’t good tasting, but the stats - 140 calories, 12g protein are decent. Ultimately, … [Read more...]

Should I Eat Sweets Everday


Mid-morning I did some work and chomped on watermelon while doing so. No pictures because my hands were too sticky I had one appointment at 11am and then came home for lunch. Big salad topped with onions, chicken, peanut dressing, crackers and the last of my cashews. These were the last of my nuts! I need more asap they really take a boring salad to a new level. I’ve had a … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Cheese


Good Day! I only have one morning client this month so going to the gym at 7am is out of routine for me. Luckily, I have iced coffee to wake me up! I meant to do my own strength workout after my client, but didn’t eat or pack anything for breakfast so I decided I should go home before I started gnawing on the weights. I made a fancy-to-me omelet and toast. I didn’t think I … [Read more...]