Enjoy the Cheese

Good Day! I only have one morning client this month so going to the gym at 7am is out of routine for me. Luckily, I have iced coffee to wake me up!IMG_8901 (600x800)

I meant to do my own strength workout after my client, but didn’t eat or pack anything for breakfast so I decided I should go home before I started gnawing on the weights.

I made a fancy-to-me omelet and toast.IMG_8912 (800x533)

I didn’t think I used a lot of cheese on top, but every bite had a big buttery bite of it!  IMG_8917 (800x533)Maybe I should measure it next time? Or maybe I should just shut-up and enjoy the damn cheese. Either way…IMG_8921 (800x533)

Ask a Monican #17 is here


1. Should I run a 10k before a half marathon?
2. What do you eat before a race? The week before? Carb loading?
3. Do you get a pinch in your shoulder on runs? What’s up with that?

I am going to do my strength workout this afternoon. Hold me to it Smile 

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Question: Enjoy the cheese or measure? What do you do?


  1. says

    I get random pains in my shoulders sometimes that occur in between the scapula and clavicle bones. Mine feels identical to a side ache that you would get from running, but it’s in my shoulder. To fix it, I stop running (or slow the pace down), then I take really deep breaths through my nose and exhale hard through my mouth. A yoga teacher once told me that it could be shallow breathing that causes this or an unequal breathing pattern. When you do the rapid exhale, you are getting more CO2 out of your system. Works for me usually!

  2. Beth B. says

    “Happy Birthday, I ate your cupcake!” LoL, you crack me up :-)

    And I almost never measure cheese, definitely not necessary in most cases.

  3. says

    I’m a new reader and absolutely loved your video post – too funny! :) Also, I just signed up for my first half marathon as well so the part about what to eat before the race was helpful! :)

  4. Margaret says

    I like cheese and I eat cheese but I’ve gotten away from using much of it. I use so little that I eye ball instead of measuring.

    As far as the pinched shoulder issue, I’ve had that problem and have found that for me, it’s usually because I’m not relaxed enough. Being aware of my hands not clenching and my shoulders not coming up too far seem to help me prevent it.

  5. says

    That’s a big resounding ENJOY THE CHEESE from me as well…if i’m gonna eat it, i’m gonna make sure it’s worth it! :)

    Okay, too too funny about eating your hubby’s birthday cupcake…haha! What was his reaction??? Was he pissed or did he crack up?

  6. Ida says

    The shoulder thing does sound like a posture/form issue. It could even be tied to how she sits at work. Maybe a trip to a chiro could help if the pain is happening on a regular basis.
    I say enjoy the cheese! Though pre-sliced is a good way to portion control without the effort of measuring.

  7. Pam says

    “Enjoy the cheese!!” :)

    I say “YES” to the 10k before the half. Which one are you considering? I’ve never carbo-loaded. I just eat what I normally eat. The night before usually chicken, potatoes or brown rice. I just try to eat pretty clean. No oil, cheese, butter, dairy anything that could aggravate the GI system. The morning of the marathon I have coffee and half of an energy/protein bar and I’m good to GO!! :)

    We’ll need to catch up after Maui…dinner date, froyo/lunch date! kay?? kay!!

    Stay cool and drink lots of water…toooo hot here in SoCal!!! GEEZ!!!

  8. VanessaG says

    I’m doing a 10k this Sat. and a 15miler train run the Sat. after that. There is no reason why you shouldn’t as long as you don’t overtrain between the races. :) As far as carbo loading, I don’t think there is a need unless it’s a half or a marathon. I hardly ever do. I ran xc in college, ran 3 marathons, and lots of halfs, 10k’s and never carbo loaded except the marathon. Good luck in your races!! :) p.s. Yay for cheese=good stuff!

  9. says

    Shoulder cramp issue does sound form related-try rolling your shoulders back, keeping them relaxed and opening up through the chest. Also imagine that you are holding potato chips between your index finger and your thumb-kinda like you’re making an OK sign-this forces you to stay more relaxed through the arms
    It could also be referred pain from “side stitches” so make sure your breathing is staying controlled and deep
    Hope that helps!

  10. says

    “Episode 1026… I’m rounding up.” I die. This made me LLOL really loud.

    I’ve had a similar shoulder pain issue, but I actually get mine in the front of my shoulder! Like right under where my shoulder & collar bone meet. I have no idea why though…

  11. Arielle says

    Ah! The shoulder issue. I am going to try to keep this from being the longest comment ever but if you are getting this pain a lot, do not try to run through it! I was training for a half marathon this spring (my first) and I had a lot of pain in my shoulders, but only when I was running so I didn’t think it was a big deal (I would stretch it, like you). But long story short, I ended up being sidelined for four months (and counting, I still can’t run without pain) and after physical therapy, acupuncture, an MRI, painkillers, muscle relaxers, a home traction machine, countless trips to doctors and so much money, I found out that my muscles were spasming and causing my spine to straighten too much, from a combination of terrible posture and overuse (my natural position is basically “hunching” my shoulders, and I really did that when I ran – which I didn’t realize). So, bottom line, catch the issue before it gets worse and make sure that you are keeping your shoulders down and back when you run, sit at a desk, etc.

  12. says

    First, you are freaking hilarious! Taking a bite of Ben’s cupcake! I literally laughed out loud.

    2nd I also get that same pinch pain behind my shoulder blade from time to time and it freaking sucks!! I usually stretch and sometimes the pain lingers around. What I did find helps best, for me, is when I get home I’ll rub the shit out of it with a tennis ball. It hurts so be prepared if you try it but after a bit the pain goes & I really haven’t had it since I did that. I think it’s a tension spot that maybe comes from posture. Maybe I run like a superhero? Swing those arms to deter the evil dwellers!! ha! Ok too much coffee.

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