Should I Eat Sweets Everday

Mid-morning I did some work and chomped on watermelon while doing so. No pictures because my hands were too sticky Smile

I had one appointment at 11am and then came home for lunch. Big salad topped with onions, chicken, peanut dressing, crackers and the last of my cashews.IMG_8925 (800x533)

These were the last of my nuts! I need more asap they really take a boring salad to a new level.IMG_8928 (800x533)

I’ve had a lot of desserts this week – fro-yo, cake, cupcakes and more!IMG_8596 (800x533)

I definitely think having sweets makes me want more and more and more. Even though I’m “satisfying a craving” I cannot get enough! I had to end lunch with a few squares of chocolate. IMG_8930 (800x533)

Question: Do you eat sweets every day?

I love that Bob Harper said Jillian has some dark chocolate every day. I just doubt she has that plus 1 1/2 cupcakes like me… Oh well we can’t all be her.


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    Haha, I have something sweet at every meal actually! I just try to balance it all out. Even if it’s just a tablespoon of PB, or a tablespoon of dark chocolate chips, or a piece of Big Red gum {which I’m obsessed with in Autumn}. I can’t eat a meal without having something sweet-tasting to close it out. But I also make sure to incorporate it into my daily calorie goals so I don’t just go buck wild. That pic of you with the cake is awesome!!! And I want to take a nap on that swing because it looks oh-so-comfy!! :-)

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    I totally have something sweet every day, but it does make me want them more.
    When I was losing weight to fit into my dress earlier this year, I cut out all white carbs, alcohol and sugar (not fun, but totally worth how I felt on my wedding day and honeymoon). During those three months, I didn’t crave sweets at all. But once I had that piece of molten chocolate cake at my reception, the cravings came back. Darn yumminess!

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    I’m a pretty firm believer in not depriving myself, but I also notice that when I eat sugar, I want TONS MORE SUGAR. So I basically make a deal with myself: I can have a small sweet every day (that might mean dark chocolate, a cookie, a serving of ice cream, etc.), but I can’t have it till after dinner. If I have sugar at lunch, I end up desperately craving (and inhaling) sweets for the rest of the day. I do occasionally relax that rule on the weekends, though!

    I also periodically “reset” myself when I feel like I’ve been ODing on sugar. That usually means that for one work week, I eliminate all added sugar (fruit is ok). I have pretty strong willpower when there’s a definite end point, so abstaining isn’t usually that hard. That usually kills my cravings, and even after five days off, I notice sweets taste SO much sweeter, so I eat less.

  4. Ida says

    I have something sweet at almost every meal! But usually it’s something small, like a hot cocoa packet or a few M&Ms. I try to limit fro-yo or cupcakes to 2-3 times per week.

  5. Emily H. says

    Resounding YES. I am a dessert everyday kind of gal. In the summer, usually ice cream. I also bake a lot…so yeah. But generally steer clear until after dinner.

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    YES I eat sweets every single day. If I don’t, if I just deny myself sweets completely, I will binge. It’s better for me to allow a certain number of calories a day for “dessert”. It keeps me sane. :)

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    I dream of eating sweets everyday, does that count? Ha! I would eat frozen yogurt plus a mountain of toppings everyday if I could but have found that my body is hyper sensitive to sugar and I bloat and get headaches instantaneously :( instead when I do need to satisfy my sweet tooth I usually make air popped popcorn and top it with Stevia and cinnamon…it’s no fro yo but it’s safe!

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    Heck yes you should eat sweets every day! I don’t know how to feel complete after a meal without a little something dessert-like. Dark chocolate is my fave because it’s just sweet enough to satisfy (TWSS) but not overwhelmingly sweet that I want to keep chomping on it.

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    I used to never eat sweets…but i work at a bakery now so its SO hard to resist them! plus my husband insists on dessert every night after dinner so now im in the habit of doing so too….i love sweets…they just make me so happy :)

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    I usually eat something sweet every day but I’ve been trying to set some rules for how often I eat junk. My goal is to eat clean during the week and save my splurging for the weekends. Later I might try to narrow it down further to only when we have guests in town (which is actually really often, but less than every weekend)…

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    I usually eat some type of dessert every day but not necessarily always something sweet. I have a big sweet tooth and I’m sort of an all or nothing type of sweet eater … I can’t have just one cookie — I NEED 10. You get the idea. Typically I have popcorn or pudding or occasionally some FroYo or ice cream. If we have ice cream in the house I will eat it every day until it is gone. I’ve just recently begun experimenting with my ice cream maker to make homemade FroYo with Greek yogurt. The first batch turned out great. Too bad Greek yogurt is sooo expensive :(

  12. Christa says

    I don’t really have the option of never having sweets in the house (unless I wanted to go all food-nazi on my family, and even then I think they’d rebel), but I minimize it as much as I can. What’s really working for me these days (ask me again in 6 months though) is to be pretty strict with myself during the week and then allow some leeway on the weekends. For the most part, it’s easy to stick to knowing that I’m not saying “no” to that food, just saying “wait until Saturday”. :-)

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    “We can’t all be her”–so true!!

    I do eat sweets everyday but I’m TRYING not to…I want to get out of the habit. :/ BUT I LOVE DESSERT SO MUCH!

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    I definitely have to watch my sweets because I start craving them like crazy when I have too much. I like to get into routines where some sweet fruit will do the trick, but there are definitely weeks where it is chocolate in full force!

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    I usually have to have something a little sweet every day but I think I eat enough fruit during the day to keep that craving down. Usually, but not always. SOmetimes a girl just needs chocolate.

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    I have sweets most of the time. I know that the more I have the more I want though so I try to be careful. too much sugar= headaches. I did a sugar-free July and did not crave sweets during that time! It was great!

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    I don’t eat sweet every day. Maybe once in 2 weeks and then it will be because I have a huge craving for it. Especially before PMS starts :/
    Reason why I only eat it every 2 weeks, because just like you, sweets tend to make me crave them more and more and then I want it more.

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    I totally eat chocolate every day. Usually the good stuff and just enough to kick my sweet tooth. I tried breaking the habit with drinking tea but tea<<<chocolate at night.

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    Heck yes I eat sweets everyday! Somedays it’s just a square or two of chocolate, other days it’s a full on cupcake (or three).

    I’ve heard Jillian Michaels say on her radio show that she eats one packet of Newman’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups almost every single day.

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    Most days I do not eat sweets and I find the less I eat, the less I even want them. I do try to keep them for special occasions, like a fancy dinner out that has amazing desserts instead of the cake no one even likes for someone’s birthday at work.

    I am married to a candy addict though who always has tons of chocolate, candy, and ice cream in the house. So that can be hard at times.

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    I totally want something sweet every day. I just wish I actually liked dark chocolate. Because I don’t think Snickers and Reese’s PB Cups have the same health benefits… 😉

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    I notice that when I have sweets it always leads me to having other sweets. I do typically have one sweet a day but usually for dessert after dinner unless you count my triple nonfat caramel macchaito a sweet, lately this drink is the only thing to get me through the afternoon

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    Sweets are good for your soul! A little something every day should be mandatory, and not abused, and without guilt!! If you let yourself feel guilty about it then your smile from eating is wasted :)
    I want to find those little medallion chocolates you eat! they look yummy and perfect size!!

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